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11 / 26 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hey ZenSportsians and Badlanders!


We are excited to share that the Blockchain Badlanders, an NFT and gaming community built to inspire and uplift gamers, will be hosting their very own Xonotic tournament on the ZenSports app on December 11th!

The tournament will be open to those who own Blockchain Badlanders. Badlanders can be found on OpenSea or minted via their website!

Xonotic is an awesome game with exciting mechanics and pacing. Whether you want to bunny hop at lightning speed or shoot controllable rockets, Xonotic has you covered!

The tournament will be held on December 11th at 2 PM EST and streamed live to the ZenSports Theta and Twitch channels. Prizes for the contest include $1000 in USDT and 10 Badlander NFTs!

So, time for the details!


What is the Blockchain Badlands?

Blockchain Badlands is a community of Badlander NFT holders working together to create a space for gamers and crypto lovers to talk, game, and earn together. Whether it be community CounterStrike nights, contests, or conversations with their strength coach, the Badlands has it all. 

You can find the Badlanders collection on OpenSea. Badlander owners gain access to the plethora of perks on their Discord, and now, on ZenSports too! To learn more about the Badlanders, you can check out their collection!


What is Xonotic?

Xonotic is an arena FPS game. This means it is similar to Quake, Halo, and Splitgate. Arena shooters are generally fast-paced games, with weaponry providing movement boosts to players in addition to doing damage. Arena shooter games are also typically played in enclosed maps, and players are protected from fall damage. 

Xonotic is no exception to these guidelines. It takes these guidelines to the extreme. Xonotic is fast even before you consider that players can use weapons to increase their speed further. To learn all about the guns in Xonotic, you can do so here

To learn even more about Xonotic, you can check out some of the videos made by community members and from past ZenSports tournaments. 

Summer Bash Frag Movie
Full Match: ZeroQL vs. Rainbow Shadow
Xonotic Movement Tutorial


How to Download Xonotic

To download Xonotic, please follow these instructions:

  1. Head to and choose one of the three download options. 
  2. Unzip the download file to your preferred file location. 
  3. Launch and create a Xonotic account! 


How to Register on ZenSports

To register for the tournament, please follow the following step\s. Linked in these steps are ZenSports’ support articles to help you out when getting started!

  1. Download the ZenSports app. 
  2. Create an Account.
  3. Register for the Xonotic Badlander Tournament by hitting “More” -> “Play” -> Xonotic Badlander Bash and “Register for the tournament.”
  4. Link Twitch username and update your display name to match Xonotic username. You can access both of these features by clicking on the top right corner of the app once you have registered for the tournament. 
  5. Head to the Blockchain Badlanders Discord and send a message in the “ZenSports Tournaments” channel or message our GM of Esports, kanyeshrayz(Jacob)#1980, to let him know you registered!


How to Prepare for Battle

To help our fellow badlands prepare for the tournament, ZenSports and Blockchain Badlands will be hosting a community Xonotic night on Friday, December 3rd, at 8 PM EST. We will all hop on Xonotic together and help each other learn the mechanics of such an awesome game!

While the Xonotic Badlander Bash will feature 1v1 Duels, playing team-based modes in Xonotic is a ton of fun too! 

Not only this, but some of the Xonotic legends who play in the ZenSports Xonotic tournaments will be making themselves available to tutor their fellow badlanders all about the game and how to win! Some of these legends have been playing the game for more than a decade, so the advice they provide will be priceless.


Tournament Details

The Xonotic Badlander Bash will feature up to sixty-four contestants facing off in a bracket-style, double-elimination tournament on the ZenSports app. Player’s will be playing “Duels,” a 1v1 mode with a twelve-minute time limit. 

In Duel, players will spawn with only two base weapons and be tasked with picking up the remainder of their arsenal from floor loot. In addition to weaponry, armor and health pickups will also spawn on the map.

Contestants will play all matches with a best-of-one format until the final eight badlanders remain. Each series will then become best-of-three, with the grand finals being a best-of-five. 

Tournament organization will occur in the Blockchain Badlands Discord, so make sure you make it clear you have qualified by messaging our GM of Esports, kanyeshrayz(Jacob)#1980, to let him know!

Tournament maps will be Stormkeep, Silentsiege, Fuse, Aerowalk, and Finalrage! Tournament will be played on North American Servers. The player on the lower portion of the ZenSports bracket will pick the server they wish to play on.

Tournament Prizes

The Xonotic Badlander Bash will feature a prize pool of ten Badlanders + $1000 in USDT. To qualify for the $1000 portion of the prizes, you must be a pre-existing badlander owner at the tournament’s start time. 

Specific prize distributions are located on the ZenSports app by heading to the tournament home screen and clicking the “Prize Pool” tab. 


Player Payouts and KYC Verification

Players who finish in the top 16, who meet our terms and conditions, will be eligible to win USDT, distributed via the ZenSports app. 

After the tournament is over, ZenSports will credit players’ accounts with their tournament winnings, but players must complete KYC before they are allowed to withdraw. 

If you want to win even more money from playing in our tournaments, make sure to check out our SPORTS Staking Rewards Program. The program rewards you for simply holding SPORTS tokens in your ZenSports account and playing in tournaments!

We understand that KYC is a hassle, but it is required. ZenSports is a money servicing business and faces many of the same regulatory hurdles as banks do!

For now, players should look to get verified using either PrimeTrust on the ZenSports app itself or through a third-party service: Yoti. 

Please read the following rules and restrictions:

  • All prizes will be paid out as credits to customers’ ZenSports accounts (in USD, Bitcoin, ICX, or SPORTS).
  • All withdrawal requests must be submitted directly within the ZenSports app, and all customers must go through KYC/AML verification and meet ZenSports’ Terms & Conditions for submitting withdrawal requests.
  • ZenSports does NOT offer third-party payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, etc.
  • Players located in the following countries are ineligible for winning prize money.


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