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The fastest, easiest way to bet on sports, right from your phone.

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A Next-Level Sports Betting App

ZenSports gives you the most choice of any sports betting app out there -- bet against the house, create your own bets against others in our marketplace, or bet with your friends! Choose to bet in traditional fiat (Dollars, Euros, etc.) or bet via cryptocurrencies, including ZenSports’ own token called SPORTS.

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Deposit funds

Deposit funds instantly using cryptocurrencies or fiat. No long wait time or deposit fees.


More Choice &

Accept any cool bets you find, or create your own bets with your own odds and terms. Bet in fiat or cryptocurrencies. You're always in control.


Bonuses &

Save on betting fees, earn cash back bonuses, referral bonuses, and other cool perks when you bet in SPORTS tokens.

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How it Works

Check out the video to see how we make online sports betting easier and more fun compared to a traditional bookmaker.

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Awesome rewards you'll earn when betting with SPORTS tokens!


Welcome Bonuses

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    Make a deposit into your ZenSports account and begin betting. The deposit can be in SPORTS tokens, USD, USDT (Tether), Bitcoin, or ICX.

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    During your first 15 days from the date you sign up for an account, ZenSports will give you a welcome bonus in SPORTS tokens equal to 5% of your betting volume, with no maximum if you use a Referral Code (or a $250 maximum bonus if you didn’t use a Referral Code).

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    After day 15, ZenSports will automatically credit your SPORTS token wallet in ZenSports with this Welcome Bonus -- no need for you to take any further action or do anything at all.

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    There are no restrictions on how you use the Welcome Bonus once it’s credited to your account -- you can bet with it, hold onto it for a rainy day, or sell/withdraw the tokens immediately!


Cash Back & Other Bonuses

  • Section-5-check-icon Earn up to 2% Cash Back based on your Betting Volume
  • Section-5-check-icon Earn Bonuses for making Infrequent Withdrawals from your wallet
  • Section-5-check-icon Eligibility for special contests and promotions with additional Bonus opportunities.

Reduction in betting fees and dispute escrow withholdings

Hero-SPORTS-Token-Illustration SPORTS
bitCoin BTC Hero-Money-Illustration USD
Maker 1% betting
2.5% betting
2.5% betting
Taker 2.5% betting
5% betting
5% betting
Dispute Escrow Fees 5% for Maker and 2.5% for Taker 10% for Maker and 5% for Taker 10% for Maker and 5% for Taker
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Referral Bonuses when you tell the world about ZenSports

  • Section-5-check-icon Refer others to ZenSports using your unique Referral Bonus Code
  • Section-5-check-icon Earn 30% of the SPORTS token betting fees paid by your Referrals for the first 6 months.
  • Section-5-check-icon No limits to the number of Referrals you can make or to the Bonuses you can earn!
  • Section-5-check-icon Your referrals will earn a $500 Free Play Bonus in SPORTS tokens instead of the standard $100 Free Play Bonus.

SPORTS Utility Token

In addition to betting with Bitcoin or fiat (USD), ZenSports also offers its own cryptocurrency utility token called SPORTS for betting and paying fees with. When you place bets with SPORTS tokens, you'll pay discounted betting fees, get cash back for reaching certain betting volumes, and earn bonuses for performing other actions. You can also deposit and withdraw SPORTS from/to your ICONex wallet at any time. SPORTS is built on the blockchain ICON.

ZenSports is available for trading on the following exchanges:

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