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11 / 18 / 2020 By Jacob Shrader

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Want to make even more money in SPORTS tokens playing in our esports tournaments? Keep reading to find out how!.

First off, what are SPORTS tokens? SPORTS are ZenSports’ crypto utility tokens used for cashback rewards on the ZenSports app. We launched SPORTS tokens back in July of 2019. Most of our customers bet in SPORTS, but ZenSports offers tons of currency options, hence why we are the sports betting platform of choice.

In addition to our SPORTS Rewards Program, we are excited to offer an eSports Staking Rewards Program, outlined below.

ZenSports Welcome Bonus and Referral Program

So, you just made a ZenSports account to get the best bang for your buck when betting on sports. First off, great choice! ZenSports offers the lowest fees of all bookmakers, plus more selection regarding how you bet and what currency you use to bet. As the sports betting platform of choice, you can bet against the house or peer-to-peer, using either crypto or fiat.

We also offer our Welcome Bonus to all customers. If you sign up with a friend’s referral code, the bonus only gets better! ZenSports will pay you back 5% of your total betting volume for 15 days after signing up, capped at $250. But, if you sign up with a referral code, there is no limit to how much you can win from the Welcome Bonus.

So basically, you are getting paid to place bets. Not so bad! Read more about our Welcome Bonus here.

SPORTS Rewards Program

Unlike other sports betting platforms, ZenSports offers you rewards just for placing bets on our app, even after you have used up your Welcome Bonus.

These rewards take the form of SPORTS tokens, earned in a variety of ways. Making bets, taking bets, and holding SPORTS tokens are just some of the ways you can play-to-earn. Below are the ways you can earn SPORTS by betting.

ZenSports Staking Rewards Program

So you might not be a sports bettor, but you still want to earn money by playing in our tournaments. Great! We have a program for that as well. If you are a gamer, this is the rewards program for you.

The Staking Rewards Program rewards you for simply holding SPORTS tokens in your ZenSports account.

There are four tiers to the program, outlined below.

Tier 1 (1M SPORTS tokens staked in ZenSports): 

  1. 5% bonus in SPORTS tokens for all tournament prize winnings
  2. 10% discount on all entry fees.

Tier 2 (5M SPORTS tokens staked in ZenSports)

  1. 10% Bonus in SPORTS tokens for all tournament winnings
  2. 15% discount on entry fees

Tier 3 (10M SPORTS tokens staked in ZenSports)

  1. 20% bonus in SPORTS tokens for all tournament winnings.
  2. 25% discount on entry fees.
  3. Custom ZenSports Referral code ->40% referral bonuses (instead of 30%)

Tier 4 (20M SPORTS tokens staked in ZenSports)

  1. 30% bonus in SPORTS tokens for all tournament winnings.
  2. 35% discount on entry fees.
  3. Custom ZenSports Referral code -> 50% referral bonuses (instead of 30%)
  4. 500,000 SPORTS token bonus for every month as a tier 4 member, granted you participate in a ZenSports event or place a bet on ZenSports that month.

More Ways to Earn SPORTS Tokens

I know what you’re thinking; there can’t possibly be any more ways to make SPORTS Tokens… But there are! In addition to giving away SPORTS and other cryptos for winning our tournaments, we also give away SPORTS Tokens for Contests and Content Series.

Players can earn SPORTS Tokens for submitting clips on our Discord Server. You can earn SPORTS if your clip makes it into one of our Top 5 Plays Series.

Withdrawing SPORTS Tokens on ZenSports

So, you’ve made some bets, played in some tournaments, and want to cash out your winnings. Awesome, we’re glad to have you withdraw, and withdrawing is never a geo-restricted feature on ZenSports.

If you have won money from our tournaments or placed withdrawn funds before your SPORTS token winnings, you have likely gone through KYC/AML Verification.  This process ensures that you are using our service for the right reasons – not to launder money, etc.

There are two ways to get verified on ZenSports, either through PrimeTrust or Yoti. Take a look at the linked posts above to learn more about getting verified via each method.

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