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10 / 19 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hello Summoners!

Following a smashing Stache Classic, our next Splinterlands exhibition will be the Spooky Spirit Cup.

This event will take place on October 31st at Noon Eastern, with qualifier events taking place throughout the week on Clove’s stream

As alluded to in the name of the event, all of the prizes/giveaways in the tournament will be Splinterlands cards containing the word “spirit.” Thankfully, there are more than a few!

Before we dive into the Spooky Spirit Cup, let’s take a look at how the Stache Classic unfolded. 

Stache Classic Recap

The Stache Classic was a step up for us here at ZenSports. Not only did it feature the biggest prize pool of any tournament we have hosted, it also required the most preparation, taking more than a month to unfold. 

The event certainly lived up to our expectations, ending in epic fashion. Jacekw, a longtime Splinterlander and ZenSports tournament veteran, came up clutch from the loser bracket to beat predicted-favorite Byzantinist. 

Jacekw beat Byz not once, but in two best-of-five series to take home more than $4,000 in crypto prizes and an epic CryptoStache-themed NFT Trophy made by NFT Horizon. 

The event was full of great matches, thanks in part to a novel format, which forced high-power players to play down to their opponent. The Spooky Spirit Cup will feature the same format. 

Spooky Spirit Cup 

The Spooky Spirit Cup will be a Halloween-themed celebration of Splinterlands. Not only will casters dress up in costumes, but our overlay and art will follow suit.

Below we will address the qualification process, prize pool, and other information about the event.

How to Qualify

The amazing and immaculate Clove71 will host qualifier events on her stream, one for each ranked division. Eight players from each division will qualify. 

If you happen to qualify for the event, you must reach out to our GM of Esports, Jacob, on our Discord server before Friday, October 23rd. 


Diamond Qualifier – Saturday, October 23rd, Noon EST. 

Gold Qualifier – Sunday, October 24th, EST. 

Silver Qualifier – Monday, October 25th, 7PM EST. 

Bronze Qualifier – Tuesday, October 26th, 7PM EST. 

Prize Pool

The top sixteen finishers will be paid out, with both USDT on the ZenSports app and Splinterlands Cards being offered as prizes. 

How to Watch, Predict, and WIN!

The tournament will be streamed live to our channels on Theta and Twitch, however all giveaways will take place on Theta. 

We love the Theta community as well as how easy they make it to organize polls, predictions, and giveaways.

During the event, we will be giving away 10 Dragon Spirit and 10 Feral Spirit cards.

Bracket Prediction Contest

As usual, fans and viewers will be able to make bracket predictions for the tournament on Challonge, with winners taking home SPORTS Tokens, Beta Booster packs, and packs from the NFT Horizon Collection.

To learn all about the Bracket Prediction Contest, visit our Discord Server.


Player Payouts and KYC Verification

Players who finish in the top 16 will be eligible to win their crypto prize in their currency of choice: SPORTS, USDT, BTC, or ICX.

Immediately after the tournament is over, ZenSports will credit players’ accounts with their tournament winnings, but players must complete KYC before they are allowed to withdraw.

If you want to win even more money from playing in our tournaments, make sure to check out our SPORTS Staking Rewards Program. The program rewards you for simply holding SPORTS tokens in your ZenSports account and playing in tournaments!

We understand that KYC is a hassle, but it is required. ZenSports is a money servicing business and faces many of the same regulatory hurdles as banks do!

For now, players should look to get verified using either PrimeTrust on the ZenSports app itself or through a third-party service: Yoti.

Please read the following rules and restrictions:

  • All prizes will be paid as credits to customers’ ZenSports accounts (in USD, Bitcoin, ICX, or SPORTS).
  • All withdrawal requests must be submitted directly within the ZenSports app, and all customers must go through KYC/AML verification and meet ZenSports’ Terms & Conditions for submitting withdrawal requests.
  • ZenSports does NOT offer third-party payment options such as PayPal, Venmo, etc.
  • Players located in the following countries are ineligible for winning prize money.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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