UFC Betting: What You Need To Know

Mark Saldana | Sep 3, 2020

For as long as sports have existed… people have been making wagers on the outcomes.

The Greeks (followed by the Romans) began betting on athletic competitions more than 2,000 years ago.

And from those very first ancient Olympic events, to horse racing, to March Madness, people have been placing bets on sports ever since.

Watching UFC fighting is exciting as is, but the rush is even greater when you’ve got money on the line.

If you’re looking to bet on UFC fights, look no further. 

ZenSports is exactly what you need.

Read on to learn about:

  • The basics of betting on UFC fights
  • The best online betting platform in the marketplace
  • How to bet on UFC fights with ZenSports

How To Bet On UFC Fights With ZenSports

Looking to make a wager on the next set of matches in the Octagon?

Want to bet big on your favorite UFC fighter?

Not sure how to bet on a UFC fight?

Betting on UFC fights is easy with ZenSports. 

So easy that the entire process should take less than 5 minutes. 

To make your first UFC bet and start winning you’ll need to:

  • Download the ZenSports app
  • Create an account
  • Deposit funds to your account

ZenSports is the fastest, easiest way to bet on sports with anyone else in the world, right from your phone.

You can download the FREE app for Android or iOS then create your account with an email address or Apple login.

In order to get started, you’ll need to input the following information:

  • Country/State of Residence – This is important because it dictates which betting features are available to you. 
  • Date of Birth – We go by the book at ZenSports. You can only use our betting features if you’re of legal age.
  • Phone Location Authorization – Before you can start making bets you’ll need to authorize ZenSports to access your phone location. We need to verify you’re not betting from one of our restricted countries. Our account sign-up process walks you through how to do this. If you don’t allow ZenSports to access your phone’s location, you can’t use ZenSports.

Once you’ve got the app and have an account, you’ll need something to bet with. 

ZenSports offers several options for funding your account:

  • SPORTS tokens – Using ZenSports’ unique cryptocurrency called SPORTS tokens you can safely deposit, withdraw, and place bets. When you place bets with SPORTS tokens, you’ll pay discounted betting fees. 
    • BitcoinAutomatically deposit Bitcoin into your ZenSports account in minutes or even seconds, and get started betting on sports right away.
    • U.S. Dollars via:
  • Tether
  • Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill

So to recap–

  • Download app
  • Sign up
  • Add funds

You’re good to go. Let the UFC betting begin!

What Exactly Is ZenSports?

ZenSports is an online betting marketplace that allows its users to place bets without a centralized bookmaker.

That’s because unlike other online betting platforms, this is peer-to-peer sports betting. 

What does that mean? 

Peer-to-peer betting allows users to create and accept sports bets with anyone else in the world. We’ll break down the details on how these bets work later on.

But first, why use ZenSports for UFC betting over other betting apps?

That’s easy.


After all, don’t you want to know your hard-earned cash is safe? 

That’s exactly why ZenSports created SPORTS tokens, our very own cryptocurrency to ensure the safety and security of your funds.

Plus, with the help of blockchain technology, online bettors can see and verify that transfers have been made and credited to your ZenSports account.

Blockchain technology is very difficult for hackers to tamper with because transactions require an incredibly detailed authentication process.

The combination of:

  • Our SPORTS tokens cryptocurrency


  • Blockchain technology

Keeps you and your money as safe as possible.

How Does ZenSports Work? 

ZenSports is the easiest platform for UFC betting.

Our platform is user-friendly so you can safely make and take bets, setting yourself up to win some serious cash.

With ZenSports you’ve got two ways to wager with anyone else in the world. 

You can:

  1. Create bets – If you’re the bet maker, you create your own sports bets, controlling the odds and terms. 
  2. Accept bets – As the bet taker, you can browse bets on the marketplace and choose which bets you’d like to accept.

And remember, with ZenSports there’s no middle-man. Our safe, decentralized marketplace eliminates the bookmaker, upping your odds. 

You may be wondering… if ZenSports isn’t acting as the bookmaker, how do you make money? 

Full transparency: it’s simple, we take a small percentage of every bet made on our platform.

UFC Betting Online

When UFC began in 1993 it was certainly a niche sport and not one that was seeing much action in the sports betting world.

Fast forward to today, UFC is considered mainstream, hugely popular, and a big moneymaker for sportsbooks. 

Hundreds of websites post information on odds, fight insights, UFC betting picks, and UFC best bets. 

Can You Bet On UFC Fights?

The real question is what can’t you bet on?

You can bet on arm wrestling.

You can bet on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

And yes, you can absolutely bet on UFC fights. 

Is UFC Betting Legal In The U.S.?

Sports betting has been legal in Nevada since 1951. But until recently it was the only state where wagering on sports was legit. 

Here’s the thing, you actually had to go to the casino to place your bet. So, if you lived in North Carolina or Minnesota, for example, you were pretty much out of luck since Nevada is an awfully long way to go to place a few bets.

That changed In 2018 when the Supreme Court struck down the federal ban on sports betting. This decision allows states to legalize sports betting if they wish.

Since the ruling, nearly 75% of US states have either legalized sports wagering or introduced legislation to do so.

Additionally, there are no federal U.S. laws that prohibit UFC betting when bets are placed by legal offshore sportsbooks operating outside of the United States.

However, some states have outlawed all online gambling, regardless of where the sportsbook is operating.

Make sure you’re familiar with your state’s laws before making any wagers.

Is It Safe To Participate In UFC Betting?

Betting on UFC fights is fun and can allow you to make some cash while watching great action in the Octagon. 

But before putting your money on the line, make sure you’re doing so safely.

UFC betting is safe if you:

  • Do your research
  • Make good choices

So, how do you find the best UFC betting site, the safest UFC betting site?

Before you start entering your personal information (and especially your banking information) into a betting app or site, take your time to look for:

  • Current licensing information
  • A secure and encrypted connection
  • Deposit and payout details
  • Clearly laid-out bookmaker fees
  • Contact info such as phone, email, or live chat

The last thing you want is to fall prey to a scam.

We also recommend you read the reviews for sports betting apps and sites.

How To Bet On UFC Fights

Before you start betting your hard-earned cash on a big fight, you should know how UFC betting works.

There’s no one way to bet on UFC fights. 

On the contrary, there are several things you can bet on before and even during UFC fights:

  • UFC Moneyline – This is the simplest type of UFC bet and also the most popular. All you need to do is pick the fighter you think will win the bout. 
  • UFC Round by Round – Wager on which fighter will win each round. 
  • UFC Round Betting – Think you know how long the fight will last? With round betting, you’re placing a wager on how many rounds the fighters go. Typically the bookmaker sets a line on how long a fight lasts and you make your bet whether the fight goes shorter or longer than the line.
  • UFC Prop Bets – Prop bets are short for proposition bets. These are fun and can be about anything. Think Conor McGregor will wear a green robe to his next match? You can bet on it. This kind of betting is very popular overseas. It is now one of the fastest-growing segments of the sports betting industry in the United States.
  • UFC Method of Victory – This is when you place a bet on how the fight will end.
    • Fight Goes the Distance
    • Fight is Within the Distance
    • Fighter Wins by Decision
    • Fighter Ends in a Draw
    • Fighter Wins by Submission
    • Fighter Wins by Total Knockout
    • Fighter Wins by Knockout

What Are UFC Betting Sites?

So, you want to bet on the next UFC fight. 

But— the closest casino or sportsbook betting window is hours away.

Don’t worry. You’re not out of luck.

No need to travel to get in on the action. You can watch the event from the comfort of your own home or your favorite neighborhood bar.

UFC betting sites allow you to make wagers on what happens in the Octagon from anywhere.

There are several benefits to making your UFC bets online:

  • Convenience – You can place your bets from anywhere
  • Safety – Reputable sites keep you and your money safe
  • Ease – Betting online can be less intimidating and complicated than at a casino
  • Perks – Many betting websites and apps offer perks and benefits for placing your bets on their platform

How To Bet On UFC Fights With ZenSports

If you’re still reading you probably:

  • Are a big UFC fan
  • Get a thrill of gambling (and even better, winning)

Assuming that’s the case, betting on UFC fights with ZenSports might be the perfect fit for you.

As of right now, our peer-to-peer UFC betting marketplace is only available to people living outside of the United States. 

However— ZenSports customers can still view:

  • UFC betting odds


  • Data

Additionally, our Daily Fantasy Sports contests are available to UFC fans living in and outside of the U.S.

So, why bet on ZenSports?

Here are the benefits:

  • Better odds
  • No centralized bookmaker as the middleman
  • Decide to be a “bet-taker,” “bet-maker,” or both
  • Take bets anonymously OR invite your friends to join in and bet against them
  • The ability to manage your funds, transactions, and bets in one convenient place
  • Peer-to-peer is the future of online sports betting, and ZenSports is leading the way.

Clearly, when it comes to making wagers on UFC fights, ZenSports is your best bet.

Give ZenSports a try today. You’ll never have more fun watching or betting on UFC fights.

Download the ZenSports app for Android or iOS