Splinterlands Action Continues | Announcing the Super Silver Cup!

08 / 02 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hello, Summoners!

Thank you to everyone who played, tuned in, and supported us during the Chanseus Cup. The tournament was an exciting bout, with Junokeo sweeping Jacekw 3-0 to take home the win!

After another successful tournament in our bi-weekly Series, the next tournament in the Gold Foil Prize Series will be the Super Silver Cup on August 14th at 5 PM EST. Not only will the top 16 (of 32 total) participants share $1000+ in their crypto of choice offered on ZenSports, but the winner will also receive a gold foil Furious Chicken!

The Furious Chicken is the only Splinterlands card with a zero mana cost. By having a 0 mana cost, players can add the card to any lineup of monsters once they have already reached their mana cap. Furious Chicken is essential to a starters-level Splinterlands deck, so we want to ensure it lands in one!

It’s certainly possible that a player who starts playing Splinterlands now could qualify for the event and take home a substantial prize. 

How to Qualify

Just like last week, Christian “Clove71” Love will be hosting two qualifier tournaments. The events will occur at 6 PM EST on Friday, August 6th, and Monday, August 9th; Clove will host them directly on Splinterlands

We understand that not all players who qualify will participate, so please make sure to join or Discord and fill out this Google form if you are able to play in the Silver Cup main event. 

We will pick the top 30 players, based on the highest single placement in a qualifying tournament who are able to make it, and the final two players will come from the ZenSports Guild!

Prize Pool + GFL Furious Chicken

The Super Silver Cup will feature $1000 in crypto prizes split amongst the top 16 finishers. In addition, the winner will take home a Gold Foil Furious Chicken, currently valued at around $200 on the Splinterlands marketplace. 

Check the ZenSports app for more information on the prize pool, such as specific placement payouts and the list of cryptos we offer as payment options. 

You can head to more -> play on the app to find upcoming esports tournaments, register, and watch live during the action. 

As always, the following rules and restrictions apply:

  • Tournament winnings will be paid as a credit to the customer’s ZenSports account after they have completed KYC.
  • Players must submit withdrawal requests through the ZenSports app.
  • ZenSports does not use any third-party payment software.
  • Players located in the following regions are not eligible to win prize money.

How to Watch and Support

The event will be broadcast on the ZenSports Twitch by Chris Roberts and Aggroed Lighthacker from the Splinterlands team, as well as Jacob, our GM of Esports. This feed is viewable from within the ZenSports app, so check it out during the event!

In addition, for every follower we receive on Twitch, we add $2 to the winner’s prize pool – this is true for every ZenSports tournament. 

Follows before our Xonotic Duel Cup 8 will count towards the prize pool of that event. Followers received after will count towards the Super Silver Cup. 

We will also be doing tons of giveaways during the event. If you like free stuff, make sure to join our Discord server, where we give away cards and packs every single day. 

ZenSports x Rocket Jump Zone Xonotic Duel Cups

In addition to Splinterlands tournaments, ZenSports has been running arena fps events with Rocket Jump for the better part of a year!

The tournaments happen every other weekend, alternating with our Splinterlands events.

Xonotic is an open-source game that is insanely exciting to watch; check out all the insane jump shots and guided rocket shots in the highlight video for Duel Cup 7!

The tournaments begin every week at 2 PM EST, and we do both Splinterlands and arena fps-themed giveaways during the broadcast. 

We hope to see some of you there, and thanks for reading!

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