Pigeon Classic Diabotical 3v3 Wipeout Cup

Jacob Shrader | Nov 9, 2020

Pigeon Classic Diabotical 3v3 Wipeout Cup

On Friday, November 13th, ZenSports will be sponsoring and hosting a Diabotical Wipeout Cup with the goal of raising as much money for the Florence Nightingale Foundation as possible. This tournament is the third of six events included in the Pigeon Classic. This charity event is run every year by InTheKeep. You can learn more about ITK, their coverage of the indie games on their podcast, and the Pigeon Classic on their website. 

With a goal of raising as much money as possible to support the midwives and nurses fighting to keep our country healthy, ZenSports has pledged an initial $1000 donation as well as all betting fees on the ZenSports sponsored tournaments in this year’s Pigeon Classic. 

Betting Fees?

Yes, this event and all other ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments are available for users to play peer-to-peer bets on the outcome of the tournament as a whole and individual matches. Once the bracket has been finalized, the event will appear under the “ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments” tab on the Bets/Contests section of the app. 

To learn more about how you can bet on ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments, click here

How do I register?

To play in the 3v3 Diabotical Wipeout Cup, you must first register via this form. To participate, players are encouraged to donate to the Florence Nightingale Foundation via the ITK donation page for Paypal/card donations or directly to their Venmo, but it is not a requirement. All rules and details can be found on the sign up form. 

For future events, including the upcoming Diabotical Duel Cup on Nov, 29th, players will be able to register directly on ZenSports. We are working to add team features, but they will not be ready for the 13th.

How else can I participate?

To start, you can make a donation to the Florence Nightingale Foundation, either via the aforementioned link or directly on the FNF website

During the event, you can watch the ZenSports stream and all team captain POVs within the ZenSports app. You can also view the live-updated bracket and recently completed matches. 

How can I bet?

You can bet directly on the ZenSports app, using any of the following currencies; SPORTS tokens, Bitcoin, ICX, USDT, USD. If you sign up with a referral code, you receive an extra $500 worth of SPORTS after an initial deposit.

What are SPORTS?

SPORTS is ZenSports own crypto currency. They hold real world value, exchangeable for USD and the aforementioned currencies on the ZenSports exchange. 

These SPORTS offer unique benefits within ZenSports, including lower betting fees and cash-back bonuses for infrequent withdrawals and dividend payouts based on the number of SPORTS in your ZenSports wallet. 

More ZenSports Diabotical Content

ZenSports’ Diabotical content does not end here. Starting Monday, we are also kicking off the following initiatives:

Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Week

ZenSports and Flukkz Media are joining forces in a new Diabotical series to be featured on the Flukkz Media YouTube channel. Contestants can submit their clips on either the ZenSports or Flukkz Media Discord servers. 

The series will run every Friday, beginning the morning of the 13th, the same day as the Pigeon Classic Wipeout Cup. Contestants will have the entire week to submit clips, and the top 5 clips will split 1,000,000 SPORTS tokens, deposited directly into users accounts on ZenSports. 

To learn more about the giveaway, see our blog post announcement here

Charity Duel Cup Map

HearthrobGG, a Diabotical content creator and competitor, has graciously offered to build a custom map for the Duel Cup on the 29th. This map will feature charity incentives, with more details coming soon. 

Twitter Giveaway

We recently announced a giveaway on our Twitter; prizes include lifetime Haste Pro subscriptions, 8100 Diabotical coins, 1,000,000 SPORTS tokens, and pre-order copies of Call of Duty: Cold War. 

Beginning on Monday, we will choose four winners. Each winner will have the opportunity to pick one of the 16 prizes being offered. Each Monday we will pick 4 more winners, repeated until the end of November and the conclusion of the Pigeon Classic. 

Along with following ZenSports, InTheKeep, and Haste on Twitter, each dollar you donate to the Florence Nightingale Foundation will also count as a single entry. Please donate!!!


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