NBA Week 25 Power Rankings & Week Review

04 / 03 / 2023 By Donald Anderson Jr.

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We have reached the final week of the season but there’s still a lot to watch before the playoffs get started. Playoff berths have been clinched for the top five teams in the East and for the top three in the West. The rest will be determined this week with a lot riding on these remaining 3-4 games for some teams.

These are my power rankings based on games played through 4/2/2023.

  1. Boston Celtics (54-24)

The Celtics made us scratch our heads in their loss to the Wizards and then they amazed us with their dominant win over the Milwaukee Bucks winning by 41 points. When this team is clicking offensively and making shots, they are really hard to beat. Boston remains a top five offensive and defensive team and as they tune up for the playoffs, they still need to clean up how turnover prone they are at times.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks (56-22)

Besides the bad loss to the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee won three games this past week, with the biggest one being against the 76ers. They still own the best win-loss record in the league and are starting to look healthy at the right time. If they can hold onto the best overall record in the league, they will have home court advantage through the entire postseason which can be very beneficial. They currently have a 31-8 record in home games this season.

  1. Denver Nuggets (52-26)

Denver went 2-2 this past week with their superstar Nikola Jokic only playing in one game. Their two wins came against the 76ers and the Warriors. They’ve been the best team in the West all season but how far will they go in the playoffs seems to be the looming question. They could potentially play the Lakers and Phoenix in their first two series.

  1. Phoenix Suns (43-35)

Currently on a five-game win streak and when Kevin Durant plays, Phoenix has not lost a game. They went 4-0 this past week and Durant looked every bit of the superstar that he is. In his three games back this past week, he’s averaged 27 points. Phoenix looks to be locked in as the number 4 seed in the West.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers (51-27)

The 76ers went 2-2 this past week with losses to two of the top teams in the league, being the Nuggets and Bucks. They should finish as the third seed in the East. Joel Embiid is now favored to be the MVP winner and has had the best season of his career so far. He will need to continue his dominance into the playoffs as the team has high expectations to go far and at least reach the Conference Finals.

Next in line: Memphis Grizzlies (49-29)

Some of the top performances this past week include:

Monday (3/27)

  • Kris Middleton had a season high 34 points against the Detroit Pistons and the Milwaukee Bucks went on to win 126-117.
  • The Dallas Mavericks went on the road to defeat the Indiana Pacers 127-104, led by Luka Doncic’s 25 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.
  • Immanuel Quickley scored a career high 40 points and the New York Knicks defeated the Houston Rockets at home 137-115.
  • Nikola Jokic recorded his 29th triple double of the season to lead the Denver Nuggets past the Philadelphia 76ers 116-11.
  • Brandon Ingram’s 29 points led all scorers and the New Orleans Pelicans won against the Portland Trail Blazers 124-90.

Tuesday (3/28)

  • Kristaps Porzingis scored 32 points and led the Washington Wizards past the Boston Celtics 130-111.
  • Dejounte Murray had 29 points and the Atlanta Hawks defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 120-118.
  • Desmond Bane led the Memphis Grizzlies with 31 points and they went on to defeat the Orlando Magic 113-108.
  • PJ Washington scored a career high 43 points and helped pushed the Charlotte Hornets past the Oklahoma City Thunder 137-134.
  • Stephen Curry dropped 39 points and had 8 assists to help the Golden State Warriors rally past the New Orleans Pelicans 120-109.


Wednesday (3/29)

  • Jrue Holiday scored a career high 51 points and the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Indiana Pacers 149-136.
  • Joel Embiid had 25 points and 9 rebounds to lead the Philadelphia 76ers past the Dallas Mavericks 116-108.
  • Anthony Davis had 38 points and 9 rebounds as the Los Angeles Lakers cruised past the Chicago Bulls 121-110.
  • Russell Westbrook had a season high 36 as the Los Angeles Clippers went on the road to defeat the Memphis Grizzlies 141-132.
  • Talen Horton-Tucker had a career high 41 points and the Utah Jazz defeated the San Antonio Spurs 128-117.

Thursday (3/30)

  • Jayson Tatum dropped 40 points in a dominant 140-99 win for the Boston Celtics over the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Brandon Ingram had a triple double of 31, 11 and 10 as the New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Denver Nuggets 107-88.

Friday (3/31)

  • Joel Embiid’s 25-point, 12 rebound double-double helped lift the Philadelphia 76ers over the Toronto Raptors 117-110.
  • Paolo Banchero dropped 30 points on the road to lead the Orlando Magic over the Washington Wizards 116-109.
  • Jayson Tatum had 39 points and the Boston Celtics defeated the Utah Jazz 122-114.
  • Jalen Brunson had a career high 48 points to lead the New York Knicks over the Cleveland Cavaliers 130-116.
  • Anthony Davis had 38 points to help push the Los Angeles Lakers past the Minnesota Timberwolves 123-111.
  • Kevin Durant scored 30 points and the Phoenix Suns were victorious over the Denver Nuggets 100-93.

Saturday (4/1)

  • Jimmy Butler scored 35 points to lead the Miami Heat past the Dallas Mavericks 129-122.
  • Brandon Ingram had 36 points and 8 assists to push the New Orleans Pelicans past the Los Angeles Clippers 122-114.

Sunday (4/2)

  • Fred VanVleet had a 20 point, 20 assist game and the Toronto Raptors cruised by the Charlotte Hornets 128-108.
  • Mikal Bridges dropped 31 points and 7 rebounds as the Brooklyn Nets squeaked past the Utah Jazz 111-110.
  • Zach Lavine scored 36 points and the Chicago Bulls won at home 128-107 against the Memphis Grizzlies.
  • LeBron James had a triple double (18, 11 and 10) while Anthony Davis scored 40 points and the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets 134-109.
  • Kevin Durant scored 35 points and the Phoenix Suns defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 128-118.
  • Donovan Mitchell scored 40 points and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Indiana Pacers 115-105.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo had 33 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists to push the Milwaukee Bucks past the Philadelphia 76ers 117-104.

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