We’re Celebrating Major League Baseball by Doubling Referral Bonuses

04 / 01 / 2021 By Mark Saldana

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Want to get rewarded for sharing ZenSports with your friends? This month only, you can get rewarded even more when someone signs up for ZenSports using your referral code.

During the first month of the MLB season (April 2021), any referral you make will earn 2x the Referral Bonus for the first 6 months after they create a ZenSports account. All Referral Bonuses are based on bets and fees paid in SPORTS tokens. Don’t miss your chance to earn 60% of their betting fees paid in SPORTS tokens!

Here’s how to find and share your referral bonus code:

Step 1

To get started in referring others to ZenSports, tap  the “More” icon in the bottom right of the navigation bar within the ZenSports app, then tap the “Referral Bonuses” menu item from within the More screen:

Step 2

On the Referral Bonuses screen, you’ll see a Referral Bonus Code that is uniquely tied to your ZenSports account. This code never changes, and will always be the same code that you use over and over again to refer others to ZenSports. So you can share this code and feel comfortable knowing that it will never expire or change:

Step 3

ZenSports makes it easy for you to share this code out to everyone in your network. You can tap the “Copy Referral Bonus Code” menu row to copy your code to your clipboard, and then share it on your own with your own messaging and content around it:

Or, you can tap the “Share using Pre-Populated Content” menu row, and ZenSports will copy a pre-populated message to your clipboard that talks about the Referral Bonus Program, and allows you to simply copy and paste that pre-populated message to your social media channels, instant/text messages, website, or anywhere else that you’d like:

Step 4

When one of your referrals signs up for a new ZenSports account, they’ll be able to paste in your referral code on the last screen before they finish signing up:

When they do this, your referral code will forever be tied to their account. If they sign up this month (April 2021) and use your referral code, you’ll earn a 60% commission on their betting fees paid in SPORTS tokens for the first 6 months that they’re a customer!

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