Announcing the ZenSports Kickoff Cup with Splinterlands

06 / 30 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Splnterlands Galore! Announcing the ZenSports Kickoff Cup!

We recently signed a Tournament License Agreement with the Splinterlands team. This agreement allows us to host events on one of the fastest-growing blockchain esports titles, right on our mobile app. 

ZenSports Kickoff Cup

We will be hosting the ZenSports Kickoff Cup on July 17th at 5:30 PM EST for up to $2,500 in crypto prizes.  After the base prize pool of $1,500, $2 will be added per follow on our Twitch channel, capped at $1,000. This event will feature 64 top Splinterlands players worldwide in a unique, live-streamed, double-elimination tournament. 

If you would like to apply to play, please fill out this form – we will reveal the participant list on or before July 7th! We will give preference to the highest-rated players and those who can stream the event to Twitch.

For more details on the event, you can check out rules, card restrictions, and prize money allocation on the ZenSports appAll prize money will be paid to the user’s ZenSports account and can be withdrawn once customers pass KYC/AML verification.

About ZenSports

ZenSports is the sports betting and esports tournament hosting platform of choice. We allow you to bet either against the house or peer-to-peer, using either crypto or fiat. 

We are also a full-service esports tournament hosting platform. You can create tournaments, allocate prize money, connect your Twitch channel, and much more – head to more -> play on the ZenSports app to get started. 

ZenSports also offers our crypto utility token called SPORTS tokens. SPORTS tokens offer unique cashback rewards for simply holding SPORTS tokens and making or taking bets. 

We are working with the Splinterlands team to add SPORTS tokens as a currency option in the game. This integration means that SPORTS tokens won from ZenSports tournaments can be re-invested in the game! 

Future Splinterlands Tournaments

After our Kickoff Cup, we will begin hosting monthly Splinterlands tournaments for the top 64 or so players at the end of every month. 

More information will be available following the Kickoff Cup, so make sure to join our Discord for the inside scoop. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to kanyeshrayz#1980 on Discord. Jacob is our GM of Esports and would be happy to support you with any questions or concerns about the event. 

As always, the following rules and restrictions apply:

  1. Tournament winnings are paid as a credit to customer’s ZenSports account.
  2. Players must submit withdrawal requests through the ZenSports app.
  3. ZenSports does not use any third party payment software.
  4. Players located in the following regions are not eligible to win prize money.


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