2021 Esports Tournaments – ZenSports Xonotic is Back

04 / 21 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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We’re super excited to announce the return of Xonotic to ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments. We are partnering up with our friends at Rocket Jump Zone to bring bi-weekly Xonotic tournaments to the arena fps community. The first tournament will be on May 1st.

If you remember, the very first ZenSports Sponsored Tournament ever was on Xonotic, all the way back in August of last year. It was super fun and spurned our entrance into esports and the arena fps community – we are certainly glad we did so. 

Ch4mp, the CEO of Rocket Jump Zone, played in our first Xonotic tournament, placing third while putting up the best fight against the eventual champion – the one and only DodgerXon.

Ch4mp and I have stayed in touch since the event. He has been working on a ‘fork’ of Xonotic – an updated version of the game, featuring new sounds, skins, weapons, and more!

The new game is called Ch1mpnotic, currently on version 1.3.

The tournaments will be run on the ZenSports app, where players can register for the event via this link.

Please join our Discord Server if you plan to play, or wish to learn more about our esports tournaments.

Registration can soon be done via our mobile web app – no installation required.

We look forward to these tournaments and to help support more communities looking to monetize their esports events. 

If you are interested in having ZenSports sponsor your community’s tournaments, please fill out this quick survey so we can be in touch.

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