ZenSports Launches Mobile MMA Sports Betting

04 / 30 / 2020 By ZenSports Team

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Despite many professional sports still on hold due to COVID-19, we’re excited to bring MMA sports betting to ZenSports today. MMA is a multi-billion dollar global industry, with hundreds of matches occurring throughout the year in multiple weight classes.

Over the last few weeks, our team has been working hard to update the ZenSports apps with new leagues so that our users have additional options for sports betting. Just two weeks ago, we added Esports to our platform, and now users can bet on both League of Legends and CS:GO matches right in our app.

MMA sports betting comes to ZenSports just before UFC returns in wit UFC 249 on May 9th in Jacksonville Florida, with 12 bouts available to bet on in ZenSports. Here’s how you can get started with MMA sports betting in ZenSports:


Like all of the leagues and sports offered by ZenSports, Makers can create their own MMA bets with their own odds and terms in just a few short steps:

1. After choosing to create a bet in MMA, you can then choose which fight you want to create a bet for:

Bet on MMA with ZenSports

2. Select which fighter you want to wager on:

Bet on MMA with ZenSports

3. Choose which bet type you want to create a bet for:

Types of MMA bets with ZenSports

4. From there, you’ll choose when to expire the bet, along with the odds and liquidity that you want to provide, just like in all other leagues/sports.


Accepting MMA bets created by Makers is easy.

1. Select MMA from the main Bets screen:

MMA bet with ZenSports step 1

2. Either select “Upcoming Games” to select bets for specific fights, or select “All Bets” to see upcoming bets for all fights (just like you would for all other leagues/sports).

3. Choose which bet you want to accept:

MMA bet with ZenSports step 2

Our team is proud of bringing MMA sports betting to ZenSports to give sports bettors have more options during this uncertain time . While many leagues are still shut down due to COVID-19, MMA, Esports, and other major events are still taking place, and we’re excited to bring these options onto ZenSports for our users.

We plan to add additional betting options such as NASCAR and additional soccer leagues in the next few weeks, so be the lookout for more updates from us. Once professional leagues get back to normal, ZenSports users will have more options than ever for placing bets on all types of sports all around the world.

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