ZenSports Dividend Payout 2019 Q4

01 / 13 / 2020 By ZenSports Team

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Our 2019 Q4 dividend payout was made last Thursday, January 9, 2020! We had a stellar Q4 in terms of betting volume, which resulted in a whopping 1,361,783,353.45 SPORTS tokens being paid out as a dividend for last quarter. The breakdown between Maker and Taker betting volume for the quarter can be found HERE.

Keep in mind that this particular quarterly dividend structure payout will end once the number of SPORTS utility tokens have been distributed that is equivalent to the number of SPORT security tokens not held by ZenSports (more about this in our original blog post from August 2019).

As always, investors can find out more details about the dividend, as well as full details regarding our SPORT and SPORTS tokens, on Google Drive at:


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