ZenSports Issues Its First Dividend To SPORT Security Token Holders

10 / 09 / 2019 By ZenSports Team

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The ZenSports team is pleased to announce that we’ve issued our first ever dividend to all SPORT security token holders! Back in August, we announced that we would begin paying a quarterly dividend to investors and holders of our SPORT security tokens. The dividend is based on the SPORTS utility token betting volume that transpires within the ZenSports app each quarter.

With Q3 2019 wrapping up September 30th, it’s now time to pay our first ever quarterly dividend. Here’s a breakdown of how this particular payout went:

The Maker betting volume for Q3 2019 was 136,160,105.60 SPORTS tokens.

–The Taker betting volume for Q3 2019 was 129,945,242.30 SPORTS tokens.

–A total of 266,105,347.90 SPORTS tokens were wagered during Q3 2019 within ZenSports. Based on the 1:1 SPORTS token dividend distribution to SPORTS token volume ratio during this quarter, 266,105,347.90 SPORTS tokens were distributed to SPORT security token holders.

–There are 1,962,420,833.52 SPORT security tokens not held by ZenSports in reserve. As such, based on the percentage ownership of SPORT security tokens that each wallet address holds, they’ll receive that same corresponding percentage of the SPORTS utility tokens distributed for each dividend. For example, a wallet that owns 1% of all SPORT security tokens not held by ZenSports would receive 1% of 266,105,347.90 for this quarter’s payout, which would equal2,661,053.479 SPORTS tokens.

Full terms of this and future quarterly dividends can be found in our August blog post at:


We’ve also created a folder on Google Drive that provides full transparency into anything and everything you’d want to know about SPORT and SPORTS tokens, including the difference between the two tokens, how the SPORT security token dividend is calculated each quarter, how to set up both tokens in your ICONex wallet, etc. This folder on Drive can be found at:

Token Guides and Analyses

We’re super excited to be able to deliver on our promise of this innovative approach to investor returns based on company performance. Future quarterly dividend amounts will be posted here on our blog as well, and shared via our Telegram channel and Facebook groups. If you’re not yet a member of those, you can join them at:

Telegram channel

Facebook group

SPORTS Utility Token vs. SPORT Security Token

The SPORT security token is completely different from SPORTS utility token, and we once again want to stress that the two should not be confused with each other. The security token, SPORT, is a financial instrument for investors to invest into ZenSports and receive investment returns. The sale of SPORT security tokens was completed earlier in 2019 and is no longer open to investors. SPORT is not integrated into the ZenSports app in any way, shape or form. No deposits, bets, withdrawals, or rewards can take place in-app using SPORT.

SPORTS, on the other hand, is currently being offered as a true utility token on a fully functional application and active network. It is only used as a mechanism for betting and earning rewards through the ZenSports app and network. SPORTS has not, nor ever will be, sold to investors as an investment or with the potential to receive investment returns. To buy the SPORTS utility token, ZenSports users are required to wager at least 50% of purchased tokens before they could withdraw or transfer them. SPORTS is for betting, not for speculation.

Anyone that wants to buy or sell SPORTS utility tokens may do so from DCoin at:


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