How to Bet on the ZenSports Xonotic Duel Cup

09 / 21 / 2020 By Jacob Shrader

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ZenSports recently announced our 5.000.000 SPORTS Xonotic Duel Cup. The Cup is the first ZenSports Tournament open for viewers to place their own peer-to-peer bets on matches in the event. 

So, what is Xonotic? And how can I be confident about the bets I’m placing on the action? 

Xonotic is an arena first-person shooter, similar to Quake Champions or Diabotical. In the Duel game mode, two players face off head-to-head in a timed deathmatch. The player with more kills at the end of the match advances. 

Here is a quick overview of the weapons and items in Xonotic.

How Weapons Work in Xonotic

In Xonotic, weapons can be found scattered throughout the map. When a player walks over a weapon, it is added to his unlimited arsenal and he can fire it at will. When a player dies, he drops the weapon he was wielding, and his slayer can pick it up. 

Players start with two weapons, a blaster and a shotgun. Both are relatively weak, but like all Xonotic weapons, are useful in niche situations. 

The blaster does very little damage and is primarily a movement aid. Darts carry a “knockback” effect and can be shot at a players’ own feet to propel him forward or to add extra power to a jump.

The shotgun is very good at close range and features an alternative “melee” that does considerable damage. 

Almost all weapons in Xonotic have two fire modes. The alternative fire modes often provide some sort of situational advantage, like holding a choke point or delaying an explosion when you fire a grenade launcher. 

Two weapons in Xonotic that stand out above the rest. The Vortex and the Devastator

The Vortex is a hit-scan (bullets have infinite velocity) sniper rifle. The secondary fire is a scope that is very useful for hitting far away enemies. 

The Devastator is a rocket launcher. It actually has two additional firing modes. The first allows you to continue to control the path of the rocket after it has been fired, making for some super cool clips. The second allows you to automatically detonate the rocket, regardless of how close it is to an enemy or surface of the map. These two firing modes are mutually exclusive. 

There are a total of nine weapons in Xonotic. If you want to learn about all of them, you can click this link or head to the Xonotic Wiki

How Healing Items Work in Xonotic

Like weapons, healing items are scattered throughout the maps in Xonotic. Healing is split into both health and armor, with a player being able to carry 200 of each max. As soon as a player goes over 100 health (or 100 armor) they lose 1 health (or armor) point per second. Players also slowly regenerate health if they are below 100 total health. 

The healing items are split into different denominations: 5,25,50,100. This means that some healing orbs will only give you 5 health (or armor if they are green) and some will give you 100. The more health an orb gives you, the bigger it is and the fewer there are of them on the map.

The 100 health and 100 armor orbs are donned the “mega health” and “mega armor” bonuses and there is only one per map. These orbs are located in the same spot every time a map is played, so players have a good understanding of where they are and when they should pick them up. They are also set on a timer (as are the weapons,) so good players often keep track of how long until either orb will spawn in again. 

Statistics and Betting Advice for Xonotic

On the Official Xonotic Blog, you can find relevant information to all peer-to-peer bets you might be thinking about placing on the 26th. You can also view the statistics from each match played on the ZenSports servers here. 

Here is an article highlighting the damage distribution of all Xonotic guns in 2019. There are a ton of charts and graphs alluding to what weapons might be featured in the action on the 26th. 

Once the contestants have been finalized, the bracket will be available from the ‘play’ option in the ‘more’ tab within the ZenSports app. The event will also be featured on the “Esports” library of titles along with CS:GO, LoL, and all the other esports titles we offer betting on. 

Betting on Xonotic with ZenSports

Read to get in on the action? Download the ZenSports app today for iOS and Android to place your bets on our upcoming tournament. If you’re a Xonotic player, you can sign up in the ZenSports app to participate in the tournament.

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