Ball and Chain Episode 1

03 / 02 / 2020 By ZenSports Team

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Have you heard the first episode of our new podcast, Ball and Chain? If you’re new to cryptocurrency and sports betting, this is a great way to understand how ZenSports works, why cryptocurrency is the future of sports betting, and how blockchain will be a transformative force in multiple industries over the next few years.

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Ball and Chain Episode 1: Show Notes

Below are timestamps for some of the key points covered in this episode. Simply scroll to this point in the episode to hear Mark and Jess cover each of these topics in detail.

  • How and why did ZenSports Start? 2:00
  • What are alt coins and why did they become popular? 6:00
  • How is cryptocurrency is related to online betting? 10:00
  • How did the cryptocurrency market crash affect ZenSports’ pivot into crypto and sports betting? 12:00
  • What is a distributed ledger, and why does this make cryptocurrency a faster form of payment? 23:00
  • Cryptocurrency vs. blockchain — what’s the difference? 25:00
  • Is fraud a legitimate concern for blockchain transactions? 28:00
  • Why is blockchain “immutable,” and why is this so important? 30:00
  • What does the market look like today for cryptocurrency? 33:00
  • What power does the SEC have over cryptocurrency? 36:00
  • How does ZenSports’ utility token work? 38:00
  • Why is betting is SPORTS tokens better than betting in dollars? 43:00
  • What’s the size of the sports-betting market? 47:00
  • What are some of the biggest issues with traditional bookmakers and online sports books? 48:00

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