A More Beautiful ZenSports Design Launches Today

12 / 17 / 2019 By ZenSports Team

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The DNA of the ZenSports team has always been about building the most robust, yet simple peer-to-peer sports betting app for both casual and serious sports bettors. Deep functionality coupled with rapid iteration and deployment are the hallmarks of the most successful tech companies.

The Product Updates page on our website that highlights literally every feature and bug fix that we’ve ever released from the beginning of time is proof that we take customer delight and feedback seriously as we continue building the best product in mobile sports betting.

The one area of product development that we’ve put on the back-burner since launching our sports betting app is the visual design component, as illustrated by our 2005 enterprise software look and feel that we’ve had until now:

ZenSports new UI

It’s not that we’re not design freaks at heart or don’t care about beautiful visual design. We do. But as an early-stage technology startup, resources are always going to be limited, and it’s critical for us to focus our time and attention on the things that matter most. That’s why until now, that focus has been on driving a powerful, mobile betting solution that lets you do every kind of sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports contest gaming imaginable, while keeping it simple for even the most novice of sports bettors.

All of this changes today as we’re excited to announce the launch of our newly re-designed app.

You’ll see from our new design that we’re using brighter colors, team logos, and an overall airier look and feel:

ZenSports New UI 2

Home Screen

ZenSports New UI 3

Search Games

ZenSports New UI 4

View Bets

ZenSports New UI 5

Accept Bet

ZenSports New UI 5

Create Bet

ZenSports New UI 6

Manage Bet Results

ZenSports New UI 7

Manage Funds

ZenSports New UI 8


ZenSports New UI 9

More Menu

ZenSports New UI 10

Daily Fantasy Sports Contest Lineup

ZenSports New UI 11

Manage DFS Results

Emotional connection, excitement, and promotion matter to us.

We want our customers to feel emotionally connected to the teams and players that they’re following, betting on, and managing. We want our customers to feel excited when they get a notification that someone has accepted their bet or that bet results have been submitted. We want our customers to want to promote our product to their friends, colleagues, and families. Our new design accomplishes these product goals.

We’re excited for the launch of this new design, and a big thank you to the entire ZenSports team for all of their hard work in making this happen.

Be sure to update your app to the latest version in order to see this new design!

iOS (be sure you’re on version 3.95 or later):


Android (download the APK from our website):


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