ZenSports Warfork Duel Cup || How to Register, Bet, Donate

Jacob Shrader | Nov 18, 2020

ZenSports Warfork Duel Cup || How to Register, Bet, Donate

Hey All!

This Saturday, ZenSports is hosting our second of three ZSTs in the Pigeon Classic fps charity event! 

Last weekend we ran a Diabotical Wipeout Cup, featuring $500 + 5.000.000 SPORTS in prizes. 

This week, we are hosting a Duel Cup on Warfork, an open-source arena fps game, similar to that of Xonotic and Diabotical. 

The event will commence live on the ZenSports app and our Twitch Channel at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 1900 CET. 

You can read all of the rules, maps, and other extraneous details in this InTheKeep blog post.

To learn more about the event, please join our Discord Server!!

How to Register

You can register for the event by downloading ZenSports from either the IOS store or this link for android.

On android, you will be asked to “trust” the ZenSports APK file. You are only downloading ZenSports this way because Google does not allow gambling apps on the Play Store. 

Once you have downloaded. You can head to “More” -> “Play” to view the list of upcoming ZSTs. 

How to Bet

Like all ZSTs, the event will be open for fans to place their own peer-to-peer bets on the action, using SPORTS, BTC, ICX, or fiat currency. 

Once entries have closed and the bracket has been created, the event will appear in the “Bets/Contests” page and inside the “ZenSports Tournaments” tab. 

How to Donate and Participate in the Pigeon Classic

All proceeds from the event, including betting fees on the ZSTs, will be given directly to the Florence Nightingale Foundation. 

The Florence Nightingale Foundation provides support to nurses and midwives, helping to educate them and providing the necessary PPE to keep them safe in such a tumultuous time. 

You can donate directly to our combined efforts ($1800+ currently) here (for credit/debit/paypal) or venmo ITK here

You can also donate directly to the FNF.

Download the ZenSports app for Android or iOS