What Are ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments?

11 / 09 / 2020 By Jacob Shrader

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What are ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments?

ZenSports has begun hosting our own Esports tournaments. These tournaments are sponsored and produced entirely by ZenSports, and are thus donned “ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments.” We like to call them ZSTs. 

These tournaments do not fit the mold of traditional esports events, but that is not a surprise nor a concern to us – nothing we do here at ZenSports is meant to blend in. 

What’s Unique about ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments?

To start, ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments are bracket-style tournaments held within the ZenSports app. This means that the live-updated bracket, list of participants, and rules and payouts can all be found on the homepage of each specific tournament.

On top of this, viewers and fans can watch our official Twitch broadcast and the Twitch streams of all players participating in the event. Again, this is all available right inside the ZenSports app. 

To tie it all together, we also offer peer-to-peer betting on ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments. This means that as soon as the bracket has been created, the event will be open for betting just as all other esports (and traditional sports) events are within the Bets/Contest tab of our app. These tournaments are located under “ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments” and can be bet on using SPORTS token, our own cryptocurrency.


How to Play in ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments

To play in ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments, you must first install the ZenSports app from either the IOS store or download the android APK file here, and follow the instructions on the site to download and install the ZenSports app. 

From here, you can view the upcoming ZSTs by heading to “More” -> “Play”. Here, you will see a list of all upcoming ZSTs.

We understand that players may be apprehensive about downloading a gambling app, but all ZST features are free to use and interact with.

Here is a video showing how to download, install, and register for ZSTs on android.


Upcoming ZenSports Sponsored Tournaments 

December Diabotical EU Team 3v3 Cup

When: Dec. 18th 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 19:00 CET

In-App Link: Diabotical 3v3 Team Cup

Signup Form: Team Cup Signup Form


December NA Duel Cup

When: Dec. 19th 2PM PST / 5PM EST 

In-App Link: December NA Duel Cup

Signup Directly on ZenSports!


December NA Team Cup

When: Dec 20th, 2PM PST / 5PM EST 

In-App Link: Diabotical Duel Cup,

Signup Form: December NA Team Cup Form

December EU Duel Cup

When: Dec 27th, 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 19:00 CET

In-App Link: Diabotical Duel Cup,

Signup Form: December NA Team Cup Form


When you signup, please edit BOTH your display name AND your account name to match your gamertag & link your Twitch username. You can link your account on the same page that you use to signup!

What are SPORTS?

SPORTS are ZenSports own cryptocurrency utility token, used for everything in our app; betting, daily fantasy sport, and esports tournaments. These SPORTS offer unique rewards in the ZenSports app, including lower fees and cash-back rewards.

In the specific context of esports, SPORTS are not to be seen as a gambling currency; this is just one of the product offerings available on ZenSports. We see SPORTS becoming much more than that, effectively becoming a representation of a gamers esports prowess relative to their peers.

This means that the SPORTS you earn from ZenSports tournaments are by no means simply valuable from a gambling perspective. We understand that many gamers do not enjoy gambling; that is your choice and not ours.

SPORTS will form leaderboards within ZenSports as players earn more SPORTS as we continue to host events. SPORTS can also be earned in different ways, such as submitting clips to our “Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Week” series, or any of the various esports initiatives we embark on as we move forward.

We hope this provides you with a clear understanding of what SPORTS can offer to the esports community. Players can host their own tournaments on ZenSports with the SPORTS they earn from ZSTs, or they can cash out on the ZenSports exchange. You can check the rate of SPORTS/USD on ZenSports.

Recent Updates to ZSTs & Coming Soon to ZSTs

Support for team-based competitions. Interestingly enough, ZenSports started back in 2017 as an app to help people meet up to play recreational sports. This means that the team built extensive tournament features, which we are now adding back into the ZenSports app. We do have the ability to add teams, but we are very busy, so no teams for now. 

Profiles/Gamertags. We are working to add more customization to your ZenSports profile, specifically for our ZSTs. This means that players will be able to choose their display name, profile picture, and other customizable options to make your ZenSports profile your own. 

Leaderboards. ZSTs pay out both SPORTS and cash. The SPORTS are deposited into users ZenSports account (unless they are underage or out of region) and the cash is taken home. With the SPORTS rewarded as prize money, we can keep track of who earned the most SPORTS from ZSTs over a specific period of time and pay out dividend SPORTS for top performers. 

Is this it? No, we have a ton planned and are looking forward to finding the most convenient way to integrate all of our ideas into the platform. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]




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