ZenSports February Diabotical Tournaments!!

02 / 13 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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ZenSports February Tournaments

Hey all,

We hope you have been enjoying our tournaments so far – we sure have been!

We are back with three more tournaments this month. We liked the action-packed 2v2 TDM mode, so we will be hosting two more 2v2 events this month, one for each region. 

February Tournaments

Feb 14th – 18 CET – EU LAN DUEL PRACTICE CUP – $500 + $1 per follow on Twitch


Direct to ZenSports link

Feb 27th – 2 PM EST – NA 2v2 TDM Cup – $500 prize pool + $1 per follow on our Twitch

Challonge Bracket  

Feb 28th – 19 CET – EU 2v2 TDM Cup – $500 prize pool + $1 per follow on Twitch

Challonge Bracket  

More ZenSports News

Web App – In case you missed it, we recently launched our Web App! The web app will allow you to use ZenSports from your native browser, without having to download an app and use space on your device!

We are super excited to bring this new product feature to all of you. To lean more, head to our website and click “Download Web App”

Tournament Page Redesign

We recently updated the home tournament screen in the ZenSports app. It is now easier to create tournaments, view registered players, and is simply just a more pleasant looking experience for the user. 

We’re Hiring!

We are hiring a new Promotions and Contests Manager! If you our anyone you know is interested, you can check out the job description


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