ZenSports December Diabotical Cups || How to Register, Bet, Participate

12 / 07 / 2020 By Jacob Shrader

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Following an amazing finale to the Pigeon Classic, we will be hosting four events in December – two for EU, two for NA.

EU – Team Cup (12/18, 19:00 CET) , Duel Cup (12/27, 19:00 CET)

NA – Team Cup (12/20, 2:00PM PST/5:00PM EST) , Duel Cup (12/19, 2:00PM PST/5:00PM EST)

Prize Pool for all events: $500 + 3M SPORTS. 1st: $250, 2nd: $150, 3rd: $100. SPORTS pending leaderboards announcement.

All betting fees + $1 for each follow we receive on our Twitch channel during the event will be added to the winners prize!

Region Rules: Players from both regions can register for either event, however home player will have server choice in those matchups. In matches of similar regions, players will play on the server that minimizes ping.

Duel Cups

Register on the ZenSports app. Please edit both your display name AND account name to reflect your gamertag. It is important to do both, since one shows up on the bracket and another when the event is ported to the betting portion of the app. Linking your Twitch would also be nice!

Duel Rules: 12 minutes, golden frag, all “More Settings” set to default.

Pick System:
BO1 – drop(t1), drop(t2), drop(t1), drop(t2), remaining map
BO3 – pick(t1), pick(t2), drop(t2), drop(t1), remaining map
BO5 – pick(t1), pick(t2), pick(t1), pick(t2), tie.

Maps: Bioplant, Frontier, Perilous, Skybreak, Kasbah.

Team Cups

Register via these google docs: NA and EU. I will do the rest since we do not have the team features added to the app yet.

Team Rules: Wipeout, Macguffin, Extinction. Unique pick system explained below:

Pick System:
BO1 – Coinflip on stream, winning team picks mode, losing team picks map.
BO3 – pick mode(1) pick map(2), pick mode(2) pick map(1), pick mode(1) pick map(2)
BO5 – pick mode(1) pick map(2), pick mode(2) pick map(1), pick mode(1) pick map(2), pick mode(2) pick map(1), pick mode(1) pick map(2)

Registration for each event will close 7 days prior to the date of the event. Please join our Discord after you register for either event.

Wipeout Maps: Wellspring, Crystal Cove, Toya Fortress, Refinery, Furnace.

Macguffin Maps: Marina, Sunken.

Extinction Maps: Icefall, Oxide.

How to Bet

Like all ZSTs, the event will be open for fans to place their own peer-to-peer bets on the action, using SPORTS, BTC, ICX, or fiat currency.

Once entries have closed and the bracket has been created, the event will appear in the “Bets/Contests” page and inside the “ZenSports Tournaments” tab.

Read more about SPORTS & Esports. 

How to Participate

As mentioned, we will be adding all betting fees on the event to the prize pool as well as $1 for each follow we receive on Twitch during each event!

Thank you for reading. Good luck and have fun!





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