Week 6 NFL Daily Fantasy Value Picks

Jacob Shrader | Oct 15, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Daily Fantasy Sports picks! As always, I’ll take a look at how my NFL picks performed last week, then give my opinion on what’s coming up this Sunday’s games at 10am PST.

This month, we’re doubling all SPORTS winnings up to 250,000. With a total prize pool of 1 million SPORTS for this Sunday’s Daily Fantasy contest, there’s a lot on the line!


Let’s take a look at how our picks performed last weekend.

Last Week’s Picks


Kyler Murray

Week 4 Stats: 26.3 points, 3rd ranked QB (of all QBs).

ZenSports (Week 4) Price: $7,200, 4th most expensive QB (of 1PM games). 

Good pick because the Jets are and will continue to be horrible. They released Le’Veon Bell following the loss and inevitably will fire Adam Gase at some point during the 2020 season. Murray is looking to be good but not great. He makes a lot of mistakes over the air but he can really run. He makes defenders look silly. 

Teddy Bridgewater

Week 4 Stats: 20.8 points, 11th ranked QB of all QBs. 

ZenSports (Week 4) Price: $5,900, 12th most expensive QB.

Bridgewater and the Panthers gave the Falcons their 5th straight loss and Dan Quinn got fired the following Monday. Bridgewater threw for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns. Some weeks Bridgwater and the Panthers will struggle, but in good matchups he is a great QB option. 

Running Backs

Todd Gurley 

Week 4 Stats: 25 points, 2nd ranked RB.

ZenSports (Week 4) Price: $5,700, 10th most expensive RB.

Gurley had his best game of the season this past weekend, rushing for over 120 yards and a touchdown while adding four receptions. Gurley gets the lion’s share of touches and although the Falcons may continue to lose, the offense will still put up significant points. 

Devin Singletary

Week 4 Stats: 4.3 points. 50th+/ 

ZenSports Price: $5,900, 9th most expensive RB.

Singletary and the Bills got pummeled on Tuesday night by the Titans, showing that Josh Allen’s hot start might not be telling of how the rest of the season will play out. Singletary looked like the type of player to piggyback off of a QBs success, not one who creates his own opportunities. I’ll keep my eye on Singletary moving forward. 

Wide Receivers

Hunter Renfrow

Week 4 Stats: 5.2 points, 50+th WR.

ZenSports Price: $4,900, 23rd most expensive WR.

This didn’t work out but I still think it was a good pick. The Raiders halted the Chief’s 13 game winning streak on Sunday and showed that they might be a little better this year than in the past. Derek Carr has been playing exceptionally well and the rest of the Raiders team is too. Renfrow might not have a sizable role in the offense every week, but I really think he will become an impact player in the future. I like doing the sleeper picks so not too worried about this one. 

Tyler Boyd

Week 4 Stats: 8.2 points, 46th WR

ZenSports Price: $6,200, 12th most expensive WR.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals looked abysmal this weekend. I don’t know what I think of the Bengals moving forward yet, as Burrow needs to prove he can play with top level NFL defenses. I’m not sure he can yet, so make sure to stay clear of Bengals WRs until Burrow exudes enough confidence to earn his receivers a lineup spot. 

Tight Ends

Eric Ebron 

Week 4 Stats: 7.9 points, 17th ranked TE. 

ZenSports Price: $4,000, 8th most expensive TE

Ebron didn’t grab one of Big Ben’s 3 TDs but had a pretty solid week besides that. Ebron probably should never be picked unless you need a cheap TE and he has a good matchup. 

I would say this week went better than the last, as I hit on most of my QB/RB picks. The sleeper WRs I picked didn’t work out, but oh well. On to Week 6…

Week 6 Daily Fantasy Picks


Matt Ryan

Week 6 Matchup, Falcons (-195) vs. Vikings (+170).

ZenSports Price: $6,600, 4th of 1:00 PM games. 

I actually like Matt Ryan a lot this weekend vs. the Vikings. He has really struggled thus far in the year and Falcons owner Arthur Blank has voiced concerns about bringing Ryan back after this year. Minnesota is playing similarly to Atlanta and this game should be a highscoring bout. 

Kirk Cousins 

Week 6 Matchup, Vikings (+170)  vs. Falcons (-195).

ZenSports Price: $6,100, 8th of 1:00 PM games.

Either of the two QBs from this contest should put up significant numbers this weekend. Both teams have far below average defenses and do not look to be in competition to win their division, so I expect a lot of points to be scored. I think Cousins and Ryan should be valued about the same so Cousins looks to be a better bang for your buck this week. 

Running Backs

James Robinson

Week 6 Matchup, Jaguars (+148) vs. Lions (-167).

ZenSports Price: $6,800, 8th of 1:00 PM games.

I am extremely confident in this pick, as it’s been three years since the Lions hired Matt Patricia and we have still yet to be able to stop a legitimate running attack. The Jags will run all over the Lions, just like the Saints did last week and every other team did in the prior weeks. It is looking like D.J Chark won’t play for the Jags, so Robinson will be the crux of their offensive efforts. 

Phillip Lindsay

Week 6 Matchup, Broncos (+343) vs. Patriots (-435).

ZenSports Price: $4,300, 26th of 1:00 PM games. 

Last night Broncos Starting RB Melvin Gordon ran straight into a DUI, putting his week 6 status in jeopardy to say the least. Lindsay has barely played any football this season while dealing with turf toe, but ran for over 1000 yards each of the last two seasons with Denver. This could be a big opportunity for Lindsay to take the starting job from Gordon, so stash him in your traditional leagues if he’s available. 

Wide Receivers

Darius Slayton

Week 6 Matchup, Giants (-144) vs. Washington (+122).

ZenSports Price: $5,400, 20th of 1:00 PM games.

The Giants might be playing their first competitive football game of the season this weekend versus the Washington Football Team. Dwayne Haskins was reportedly sent home from practice Wednesday with the same illness that kept him out of last week’s matchup vs. the Rams (not covid), so it looks like Alex Smith will be getting his third start in nearly 700 days. I think Slayton could have a big showing this week if the game stays close. 

Justin Jefferson

Week 6 Matchup, Vikings (+170) vs. Falcons (-195).

ZenSports Price: $6,000, 15th of 1:00 PM games.

Jefferson went off in weeks 3 & 4, showing that he will be an adequate replacement for Stefon Diggs for the Vikings in the coming years. I could see Jefferson having  a big week this week, as I mentioned earlier I have high scoring hopes for this week 6 matchup between two of the worst performing NFL rosters. 

Tight Ends

T.J Hockenson

Week 6 Matchup, Lions (-167) vs. Jaguars (+148).

ZenSports Price: $5,300, 3rd TE of 1:00 PM games. 

I like Hockenson a lot as a player and have been impressed by his development since the Lions drafted him in 2019. He unfortunately suffered two concussions last year, so I hope he can learn to better shield himself from dangerous hits. He is in a great position to put up solid points this week and will develop into one of the most consistent fantasy players on the Lions as the season progresses.

Defense/Special Teams

Indianapolis Colts

Week 6 Matchup, Colts (-366) vs Bengals (+294).

ZenSports Price: $4,000, 3rd D/ST of 1:00 PM games.

This one is pretty simple, the Bengals put up 3 points last weekend and the Colts have played consistently solid defense during the 2020 season.

As always, good luck in any DFS contest you participate in this weekend. If you would like to play in a ZenSports contest, you can click here to bet on my contest for this Sunday at 10am PST.

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