Week 4 NFL DFS Picks for 1:00 PM Games

Jacob Shrader | Oct 2, 2020

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Quarterback Picks

Deshaun Watson ($6,600, 5th QB)  

While Deshaun hasn’t had a great start to the year, he’s still an elite QB in the NFL. His struggles can partly be attributed to losing Deandre Hopkins to the Cardinals, but the additions of David Johnson and Brandin Cooks and a healthy Will Fuller V more than make up for the loss. This Sunday, Deshaun plays a Cleveland Browns team that is +.500 for the year for the first time since 2014. This is still the Browns, which means this pick is just as much about the Browns as it is Watson.

Dak Prescott ($7,200, 3rd QB)

During the first three games of the season, Deshaun Watson was the league leader in passing yards. Yup, this is the same guy who has been called a “game manager” since he entered the league. Watson faces a Minnesota defense this week who is struggling to replace veteran CB Xavier Rhodes. This game figures to be a high scoring one, as the Cowboys defense is struggling as well. The two teams are ranked 3rd and 7th worst in total yards allowed this season. 

Running Back Picks 

David Johnson ($5,600, 17th RB)

I know I just put Dashaun as my top QB pick, but I am doubling down on the Texans this week by selecting David Johson to be my top value RB pick. Johnson has struggled mightily this year, averaging only 3.8 ypc. He does have the lion’s share of carries, with only 2 of 36 carries going to other Houston RBs this year. The Texans face a Vikings defense that is allowing 145 rushing yards per game. Start DJ. 

Mark Ingram ($5,700, 16th RB)

This is a tough call, as Ingram has looked like a shell of his past self in the first three games of the season. I don’t think Ingrams lull will last much longer, as he is an incredibly determined player. He also has seen far less usage than one would expect out of a 30 year-old RB. Ingram is a cheap play this week with monster upside potential.  

Wide Receiver Picks

Kenny Gollady ($6,000, 15th WR)

The Lions missed their young superstar in the opening two games of the season, but he returned with a healthy 6 catches for 57 yards and a score versus a strong Cardinals Defense. This week, the Lions play the Saints. In these teams last 3 contests, they have averaged a total of 64+ points per contest. I am a Lions fan, and these games always turn out to be shootouts, so take advantage of that this week by starting Kenny G. 

Mike Evans ($6,400, 11th WR)

With Chris Godwin doubtful, Mike Evans looks to pick up the majority of his targets against the Chargers this weekend. The Bucs have not looked great this season, but the Chargers defense isn’t anything to write home about and the extra touches might just result in a TD. This could be the week the offense gets in sync. 

Tight End Picks

Hunter Henry ($4,600, 6th TE)

With the Eagles and Raiders paying in non-1PM time slots, there are not so many TEs to choose from. However, I really like Henry this week against the Bucs. The Bucs will score, and the Chargers might not. This doesn’t matter, as even if the Chargers are down, he will see a ton of garbage time usage. If the Chargers somehow win, he’ll be a big part of the victory, so Henry is a great TE play this week for the price. 

Defense/Special Teams Picks

Colts ($3,300, 6th D/ST)

The Colts are an easy pick here. Not only have they allowed the fewest YPG of any team, they are playing the Bears this weekend. I know Nick Foles supplanted Mitch Trubisky last week as the starter, but sometimes Nick Foles is absolutely horrible. This might be one of those weeks. If not, it is still a pretty safe bet. 

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