Robert Kowalski’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

09 / 22 / 2022 By Robert Kowalski

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Robert Kowalski is back for Week 3 of his NFL Power Rankings!

**Note** A Par score of 0 is set for calculating rankings week to week.

RankWeek 3Week 2Week 1
1BILLS1097Buffalo is in a class all their own
2CHIEFS7.587Clear leaders of the AFC West
3BUCS5.565Defense again stars of the game with 3 INTs on consecutive possessions
4EAGLES5.52.52Sirianni has the Eagles clicking and I don’t see a weakness
5NINERS3.52.53Season saved with the decision not to trade Garoppolo
6PACKERS3.53.54Efficient and expected result vs bears
7CHARGERS3.54.54LAC right there at “Good Not Great”
8RAMS3.534Small uptick but if not for a a Ramsey INT late Rams could have lost to ATL
9RAVENS332Harbaugh’s coffee talk with Mike McDonald after four 4th QT drives ending in TDs should have been interesting
10DOLPHINS321Best comeback game in 2 decades proving MIA can deliver in a shootout
11VIKINGS1.50Dominated in every facet Monday night
12BRONCOS1.51.52Broncos still look unorganized
13BENGALS12.53Revamped front 5 again stalled in the first half leading to another loss
14RAIDERS11.5220-0 lead and 48 yards of offense in the 2nd half defines collapse
15SAINTS10.50Winston reportedly played hurt which smote any chance at a win at home
16COLTS02.53Maybe the Colts aren’t the favorites to win their Division much less the AFC
17CARDINALS0-10Max effort leads to a road win in Las Vegas
18PATRIOTS0-1.5-1Gutsy win for a Pats team that I don’t think will show any OFF explosiveness
19BROWNS-1-1-1.5Brissett was quoted “This League is funny” Tell that to Survivor Pool entrants
20NY GIANTS-1.5-2-3Defense sharp again solving Baker Mayfield and now get Cooper Rush
21TITANS-2-0.50Henry solved: 1.9 yards a carry and the 41-7 incineration could have been worse
22PANTHERS-2.5-2-1.5Going back to 2021 Panthers have lost 9 in a row and look listless
23JAGUARS-2.5-5.5-5Efficient and smart football offensively; AFC South there for the taking
24LIONS-2.5-3.5-3Behold the Lions: Score 36 vs them or lose
25COMMANDERS-2.5-2.5-3Wentz is effective! Keeping the Commanders here until Chase Young returns
26COWBOYS-2.5-4.52Dallas D picks up the win holding off Joe Burrow late
27STEELERS-4-1-1.5Pickett clock is ticking louder – points will be a at a premium all year for PITT
28BEARS-5-5-6Any team with an above par running game can beat the Bears right now
29TEXANS-7-5.5-6Texans disappeared offensively in the 4th QT but Defense played better
30FALCONS-7-6.5-7Falcons are better than last year just need to put up a crooked # in the win column
31SEAHAWKS-8-4.5-6If the game plan includes DeeJay Dallas throwing passes…
32NY JETS-8-8-7Miracle victory for a team now facing a very desperate Week 3 in Cincy


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