Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Month || Episode 1

Jacob Shrader | Dec 7, 2020

Announcing our first installment of the ZenSports x Flukkz Media Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Month! To submit your clips, please join our Discord server and submit your clips via the #diabotical-clips channel.

Each month, we will be giving out 1,000,000 SPORTS to the 5 best plays, this months winners were: 5th: yen0m, 4th: deekeyy, 3rd: nykho, 2nd: busdriver, 1st: fanva.

Check out the episode below!

In addition to the Top 5 Plays of the Week, ZenSports will be hosting four Diabotical tournaments in December – two NA and two EU. Both regions will feature both a Team and Duel Cup.

You can learn more about ZenSports Sponsored Tournamentswhat SPORTS tokens are, and our December slate of tournaments.

Thanks for reading!

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