The Most Important Esports Events of June! Brought to You by ZenSports

With the novel Coronavirus taking away sports as we knew them, ZenSports has transitioned into the world of esports by providing users the ability to make bets on two esports: League of Legends and CounterStrike: Global Offensive. These are two of the most popular esports in the world, having given away more than $30,000,000 worth of prizes in 2019 alone.

Esports are not a new phenomenon – Stanford University hosted the first esports event, donned the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics,” back in 1972. Esports and esports betting has come a long way since then, and we at ZenSports are proud to offer our users the ability to bet on the upcoming esports events in June.

Both games and their respective leagues have an exciting schedule ahead in June. The LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) begins its Summer Split on June 12. This follows the conclusion of their Spring Split, in which Cloud9 dominated the competition dropping only a single match of the 18 regular-season contests. They also won the Summer Split playoff, winning both the regular season and the playoffs – quite an impressive season!

The Summer Split opens up on June 12th with 100Theives taking on FlyQuest and Evil Geniuses facing off against Cloud9. Both look to be exciting contests from some of the more dominant and popular esports organizations in the LCS. The Summer Split continues until early August.

You may have heard of 100Thieves before, even if you are not a fan of esports, as they have their own clothing line which has become incredibly popular in recent years. They offer everyday apparel that is not specifically designed for professional gamers – it is for everyday folk like you and me.

In competitive CounterStrike, the month of June features a plethora of tournaments, here are three that sparked our interest here at ZenSports:

Blast Premier Spring 2020 Americas Showdown

$142,500 prize pool – 8 teams May 31st – June 7th
Group Stage: June 1st – 4th, 2020, Playoffs from the 5th -7th

This is a “minor” event but still very relevant and features a pretty big prize pool. The bracket is featuring some of the most well-known esports organizations such as 100 Thieves and Cloud9. An interesting note about this event is that there is no “championship”, as the top 3 teams get a spot in the Blast Premier Americas Finals. Team Liquid already qualified for the Finals as they won the regular season. This tournament decides who the remaining three participants will be. Note the group stage has already begun, but playoffs have not!

Gamers Without Borders

$2,000,000 prize pool – May 29th-31st (for charity)

This event features 6 teams and is a straight single-elimination format with two teams receiving a bye (Fnatic and Natus Vincere). The rounds are best of 3 and the grand final is a best of 5. This should be a pretty exciting event given the money on the line and a few high profile teams in the mix.

Dreamhack Masters Spring 2020 (Asia and Oceania)

$20,000 prize pool – June 2nd-7th

Dreamhack is one of the most notable names in esports as they host a ton of high quality and ultra-competitive events. This event is for a relatively small prize but should draw a lot of eyeballs nonetheless. It is only featuring teams from the specified regions however, which in this case are Asia and Oceania.

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