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10 / 12 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hello Summoners, 

We hope you are as excited as we are for the Stache Classic this Saturday at 11 AM EST on Theta.tv!

The event will feature thirty-two Splinterlanders, each of which have battled through multiple rounds of qualifiers to reach the Grand Finals this weekend. 

Many of you likely tuned in for the qualifiers. If so, you will undoubtedly have an advantage in the Bracket Prediction Contest. The contest prize pool includes more than 30 Beta Packs and some epic prizes from NFT Horizon and us here at ZenSports to twenty-five winners. 

If you did not tune in for the qualifiers, don’t worry, we have you covered here!

So, who are the contestants? Which league did they qualify to represent? What chances do they have to win the tournament? Let’s find out!

Meet the Players & Event Rules


The Stache Classic will feature a unique and novel addition to Splinterlands Esports. The event will feature participants from all divisions: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

When two contestants battle, they will do so at the lower skill division of the two. It does not matter which division the player is currently in, it matters which divisional qualifier the participant qualified for. 

It follows that the eight contestants who qualified via the Diamond League Qualifier will participate as diamond league players, and so forth. 

This ruleset ensures that participants from different ranked divisions and levels of power can all play in a fair format. 


Diamond League Participants


Louis88 | Current Ranking: Diamond, 6th place. Current Rating: 3883.

Total Power: 2,516,709. View Louis88’s Cards

Fun Fact: In his first ZenSports Tournament ever, Louis88 placed first in the Diamond League Qualifier.


Xawi | Current Ranking: Champion, 33rd place. Current Rating: 4,019.

Total Power: 2,818,563. View Xawi’s Cards

Fun Fact: Xawi won 8 consecutive matches in the single-elimination loser bracket and took down Palikari123 in the finals of the ZenSports Kickoff Cup.


Palikari123 | Current Ranking: Champion, 13th place. Current Rating: 4,223.

Total Power: 2,346,739. View Palikari123’s Cards.


Jacekw | Current Ranking: Champion, 18th place. Current Rating: 4,151.

Total Power: 8,339,291. View Jacekw’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Jacekw has the 2nd  most power of any player in the Stache Classic.


Gank | Current Ranking: Champion, 53rd place. Current Rating: 3,901.

Total Power: 5,571,027. View Gank’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Gank regularly streams Splinterlands with his long-time friend to Twitch, check out his channel, SplinterlandsHQ. He also played in the World Series of Poker.


Nullfame | Current Ranking: Gold, 968th place. Current Rating: 2,401.

Total Power: 2,526,777. View Nullfame’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Nullfame once took his German shepherds around Lake Michigan and visited every reachable lighthouse along the way.


Frosta | Current Ranking: Champion, 38th place. Current Rating: 3,978.

Total Power: 2,692,826. View Frosta’s Cards

Fun Fact: Frosta “was raised decentralized.”


Godislove777 | Current Ranking: Champion, 40th place. Current Rating: 3,964.

Total Power: 1,560,832. View Godislove777’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Godislove777 missed a few ZenSports tournaments due to “ministry stuff,” but we are glad he will play in the Stache Classic.


Gold League Participants

Junokeo | Current Ranking: Champion, 11th place. Current Rating: 4,255.

Total Power: 3,663,455. View Junokeo’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Junokeo placed first in our second Splinterlands tournament, the Chanseus Cup. He took home a gold foil Chanseus The Great card as his prize.

Brybro27 | Current Ranking: Champion, 102nd place. Current Rating: 3,644.

Total Power: 1,336,374. View BroBro27’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Brybro is referred to as “Mr. Monopoly” in the community and helps of with Splinterlands Support. He is also an LA Rams fan just like me (Jacob).

Infinityx22 | Current Ranking: Champion, 71st place. Current Rating: 3,790.

Total Power: 2,569,646. View Infinityx22’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Infinity was on the Venezuelan national team for the Magic: The Gathering worlds tournament in 2000.

Atnazo | Current Ranking: Diamond, 467th place. Current Rating: 2,893.

Total Power: 406,894. View Atnazo’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Atnazo streamed for 6 years on only his laptop and has more than 1,000 videos on his YouTube Channel.

TeddyKGB | Current Ranking: Champion, 47th place. Current Rating: 3,930.

Total Power: 1,037,267. View TeddyKGB’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Teddy wants to retire by the time he is 45.With 1,000,000+ Power, that sounds possible to me! #spsgang

Uwelang | Current Ranking: Diamond, 13th place. Current Rating: 3,829.

Total Power: 7,328,738. View Uwelang’’s Cards.

Fun Fact: “I am German, hence no fun facts available lol.”

Schneegecko | Current Ranking: Champion, 34th place. Current Rating: 4,002.

Total Power: 3,116,439. View Schneegecko’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Error: Also from Germany.

Vettev | Current Ranking: Diamond, 34th place. Current Rating: 3,687.

Total Power: 3,118,455. View Vettev’s Cards

Silver League Participants.

Byzantinist | Current Ranking: Gold, 8th place. Current Rating: 3,085.

Total Power: 20,019,470. View Byzantinist’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Byz has the highest power of any player in the tournament, and helps manage the Splinterlands Support Team.

Kira1995 | Current Ranking: Silver, 11st place. Current Rating: 2,663.

Total Power: 542,805. View Kira1995’s Cards.

Fun Fact: During the Super Silver Cup, Kira fought through IRL thunderstorms, a fried router, and more on his way to a 2nd place finish. 


Cornavirus | Current Ranking: Diamond, 383rd place. Current Rating: 3,024.

Total Power: 3,003,125. View Cornavirus’ Cards.

Fun Fact: Corna has a sitting IQ of over 130! Don’t even ask about his standing IQ…

Teejays | Current Ranking: Gold, 6th place. Current Rating: 3,090.

Total Power: 955,570. View Teejay’s Cards.

MarkJason | Current Ranking: Diamond, 422nd place. Current Rating: 2,965.

Total Power: 3,663,455. View MarkJason’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Thankfully, Mark Jason is not Markjason’s real name. 

RevolutionistCafe | Current Ranking: Champion, 11th place. Current Rating: 4,255.

Total Power: 3,663,455. View Revolutionistcafe’s Cards.

Jemmarti | Current Ranking: Gold, 824th place. Current Rating: 2,470.

Total Power: 696,217. View Jemmarti’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Jemmarti loves cats! 

Toocurious | Current Ranking: Champion, 30th place. Current Rating: 4,034

Total Power: 4,376,282. View Toocurious’ Cards.

Fun Fact: Toocurious used to work as a mountain guide, and has played Splinterlands from some of the highest peaks in the world! We are sure he is thankful for mobile hotspots. 

Bronze League Participants

Dtoughstuff | Current Ranking: Gold, 1075th place. Current Rating: 2,379.

Total Power: 307,580. View Dtoughstuff’s Cards.

Fun Fact: ” I ran a spartan race in Utah and a marathon in Wisconsin.”

Shin92 | Current Ranking: Silver, 164th place. Current Rating: 2,253.

Total Power: 3,663,455. View Shin92’s Cards

Fun Fact: “I love biscuits, hence why I risk it for the biscuit.”

Albee | Current Ranking: Silver, 2nd place. Current Rating: 2,603.

Total Power: 245,235 . View Albee’s Cards.

Schwarszchild | Current Ranking: Bronze, 12th place. Current Rating: 2,301.

Total Power: 32,905. View Shwarszchild’s Cards.

Fun Fact: “I am pursuing a program in astrophysics and cosmology and hoping to be part of NASA in the future.”

Aubryd | Current Ranking: Bronze, 9th place. Current Rating: 2,307.

Total Power: 96,915. View Aubryd’s Cards.

Fun Fact: “I like watching horror movies, I started with A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and then I couldn’t stop.”

Lechatsplinter | Current Ranking: Gold, 1,199th place. Current Rating: 2,346.

Total Power: 131,720. View Lechatsplinter’s Cards.

Bladesong | Current Ranking: Gold, 238th place. Current Rating: 2,735.

Total Power: 249,777. View Bladesong’s Cards.

Fun Fact: Bladesong was almost an early adopter of the Splinterlands Kickstarter campaign, but decided against it after the 2018 Bitcoin Crash. 

Mrnofriends | Current Ranking: Silver, 4,745th place. Current Rating: 1,810.

Total Power: 91,845. View Junokeo’s Cards.

Fun Fact: “I recently ran a marathon and I do stand up comedy.”

How to Predict, Watch, and Win

So, now that you know the contestants, how can you benefit from this understanding to win cards, packs, and even SPS?

Well, there are a ton of ways: these include the Bracket Prediction Contest, the ZenSports Discord, and simply watching the event live.

Bracket Prediction Contest

The Bracket Prediction Contest for the Stache Classic will feature THIRTY Beta Packs, more than 2,000,000 SPORTS Utility Tokens, and Mega & Small Packs from NFT Horizon in prizes. Top 25 will receive five Beta Packs and 1,000,000 SPORTS!

The ONLY WAY to make a bracket prediction is via our Discord Server, located in the official-announcements channel.

ZenSports Discord Server

In our ZenSports Discord, we do daily NFT giveaways. We mostly giveaway Splinterlands cards as of now, but will add more games/NFT projects to the mix as our network expands.

We also host NFL competitions and post updates about our tournaments and general ZenSports news.

Giveaways on Theta.tv

If you thought the Bracket Prediction contest was generous, you are going to love the giveaways to be held during the Theta.tv livestream. We will be giving away:

Splinterlands (SPS) Tokens

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

SPORTS Utility Tokens

MORE Beta Booster Packs

NFT Horizon Packs

Starter Splinterlands Cards


A Gold Foil Diamond Dragon!

We hope to see you there and are looking forward to the fun.


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