Pigeon Classic | Xonotic Duel Cup Action!

11 / 11 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hello ZenSportsians!


As you may have seen, we have been working with InTheKeep to run the 2021 Pigeon Classic! The Pigeon Classic is an annual charity event, featuring some awesome community esports tournaments hosted by ZenSports.

This past Saturday, we kicked off the action with a Splinterlands tournament, raising over $1000 for the Childs Play Charity in the process.

The generosity did not stop there, as we unveiled the Pigeon Classic Grand Giveaway this week on Twitter. The giveaway features some awesome NFTS, Splinterlands cards, and SPORTS tokens thanks to our amazing partners and sponsors.

For clarity, every $1 donated earns you a ticket in the giveaway, with winners being picked at the end of the Pigeon Classic Chess Tournament this Sunday. At the time of this post, we are almost at $2,700 raised!


Pigeon Classic Xonotic Duel Cup

In addition to Splinterlands and Chess, ZenSports will also be hosting a Xonotic Duel Cup this Saturday at 2PM EST! Xonotic has a special place in our heart here. We are excited to share it with all of you and to help support such a great cause in Childs Play Charity.

We have been hosting Xonotic tournaments for well over a year, including our first-ever ZenSports tournament back in August of 2020!

Since our first tournament, we have made many exciting additions to these tournaments. During the Pigeon Classic, we will be showing off new in-game billboards, featuring imagery from some of our new partners and sponsors, such as NFT Horizon, CryptomonKeys, Warsaken, and Blockchain Badlands!

The event, as usual, will be commentated by our GM of Esports, Jacob Shrader, alongside “Draena,” a longtime Xonotic community veteran. He joined us for our last event, which saw ZeroQL and still-unbeaten DodgerXon battle in our for first place. Check out the highlight video below!



How To Watch and Donate

This Saturday’s charity tournament will follow a similar format as our usual Xonotic Duel Cups, only with all proceeds from giveaways and donations being sent straight to Childs Play!

To tune in to the action, you can watch directly on the ZenSports app or on our Theta.tv channel. On our app, you can watch not only the main broadcast, but also each player’s point-of-view! You will also be able to see the bracket as it unfolds and the list of players competiting in the contest, full with stats from their entire career in ZenSports tournaments!

If you wish to donate to Child’s Play Charity, please do so via this link. Not only will this allow us to track the total amount raised during the Pigeon Classic, but it will enter you for a chance to win some awesome NFT prizes!


We hope to see you there – it will be some epic and awesome Xonotic action as always!


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