Pigeon Classic 3v3 Diabotical Wipeout Cup: Meet the Teams

Jacob Shrader | Nov 13, 2020

Pigeon Classic 3v3 Diabotical Wipeout Cup: Meet the Teams!


Hey All!
Tomorrow, November 13th, ZenSports will be hosting the first of three charity tournaments in conjunction with InTheKeep and their third annual “Pigeon Classic” charity event
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Teams and Players


Projectile Dysfunction

Players: Codexa. , drrifted_ , IAmFortyLions


The Mercenaries

Players: Dodger.merc, Rainy.merc, Fragstealer.merc


Clan Exiled!

Players: eX DevastatioN, Claymation, kmflame


Team VK

Players: Deck_EU, aimvidel, k4kers


Girls House

Players: vF SkRawZ, sicksonya, Lady*D


“A” Team

Players: DancheZzor, m19cas, 2z_Latrommi


Team VK_2

Players: P1RATA, Lv4hell, st3ls



Players: nR StelaZ_, nR WiseGenie, nR Sprite


The Influenzers

Players: y 2 j a k e, GMT, PressOK


Gay Satonic Furries

Players: Vomitte, OnimariO, MeowxMeowxMeowx



Players: ra3_hst,teivos,3K dk


Team ZenSports

Players: i n s, memphis, tba


Ban CrystalCove

Players: Blindlight, tfg, rizzy


Suds Money Squad

Players: Ahadify, Hailst0rm, Halo


Randomly Generated 

Players: Carnage, vorde, demex


Team .ax

Players: rawxi, Stormarenn, Knoddenn


The ZenSportsians

Players: Pavel, 421, tba


Team nibufi

Players: bukzter, fire_bot, Nitrino.


Rules and Prizes

Nov 13th. 12PM PT / 3PM ET / 21:00 CET on ZenSports.

Double elimination. BO3 Upper Bracket, BO1 Lower Bracket.

Upper and Lower Finals Matches are BO3. Grand Finals are BO5. 


Wellspring, Crystal Cove, Toya Fortress, Refinery, Furnace. 

Pick System

BO1 – drop(t1), drop(t2), drop(t1), drop(t2), remaining map

BO3 – pick(t1), pick(t2), drop(t1), drop(t2), tie

BO5 – pick(t1), pick(t2), pick(t1), pick(t2), tie. 

T1 and T2 is decided by coinflip. In Grand Finals, Lower Bracket Finals winner picks first.


Team on top (of in-app bracket matchup) is heads, lower team is tails. 

Team on top flips coin via link above on stream to decide 

Servers: Teams from different regions will play at the server that minimizes total ping between the two team captains. Exceptions can be made if both teams are in agreement with tournament admin.  

Prize Pool 

1st – $250 & 1.500.000 SPORTS

2nd – $150 & 1.000.000 SPORTS

3rd – $100 & 750.000 SPORTS

4th: 250.000 SPORTS

5th: 50.000 SPORTS

6th: 50.000 SPORTS

7th-8th: 25.000 SPORTS 

9th-12th: 15.000 SPORTS

13th-16th: 10.000 SPORTS


SPORTS are ZenSports own cryptocurrency utility token, used for everything in our app; betting, daily fantasy sport, and esports tournaments. These SPORTS offer unique rewards in the ZenSports app, including lower fees and cash-back rewards. 

In the specific context of esports, SPORTS are not to be seen as a gambling currency; this is just one of the product offerings available on ZenSports. We see SPORTS becoming much more than that, effectively becoming a representation of a gamers esports prowess relative to their peers. 

This means that the SPORTS you earn from ZenSports tournaments are by no means simply valuable from a gambling perspective. We understand that many gamers do not enjoy gambling; that is your choice and not ours. 

SPORTS will form leaderboards within ZenSports as players earn more SPORTS as we continue to host events. SPORTS can also be earned in different ways, such as submitting clips to our “Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Week” series, or any of the various esports initiatives we embark on as we move forward. 

We hope this provides you with a clear understanding of what SPORTS can offer to the esports community. Players can host their own tournaments on ZenSports with the SPORTS they earn from ZSTs, or they can cash out on the ZenSports exchange. You can check the rate of SPORTS/USD on ZenSports. 


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