Week 5 Daily Fantasy Picks – Bet in SPORTS to Double Your Winnings!

Jacob Shrader | Oct 9, 2020

Welcome to week 5 of Daily Fantasy Sports in ZenSports! Below, you’ll find a few of my picks to help you decide on yours for this weekend’s contests.

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Just a reminder, these picks are for 1:00 pm games, as that is the time slot of the contest.

With that said, let’s take a look at how our picks performed last weekend.

Last Week’s Picks


Deshaun Watson

Week 4 Stats: 18.4 points, 15th ranked QB(of all QBs).

ZenSports Price: $6,600, 5th most expensive QB(of 1PM games). 

This was an ok pick as Deshaun threw for 300 yards and 2 touchdowns on his way to his fourth straight loss. Maybe Bill O’Brien getting fired will kickstart the Texans offense. 

Dak Prescott 

Week 4 Stats: 38.28 points, 1st ranked QB. 

ZenSports Price: $7,200, 3rd most expensive QB.

I guess Dak was pretty expensive, but he showed up on last Sunday’s loss to the Browns. I said the Browns were bound to blow their hype given they were .500+ for the first time in 6 years and they almost did. 

Running Backs

David Johnson 

Week 4 Stats: 9.2 points, 25th ranked RB.

ZenSports Price: $5,600, 17th most expensive RB.

Also blaming this on Bill O’brien. Next pick. 

Mark Ingram

Week 4 Stats: 9.7 points, 22nd ranked RB. 

ZenSports Price: $5,700, 15th most expensive RB.

Not great, lucky TD but not many carries. I would stay away from the Ravens backfield for now. Gus Edwards is averaging 6.2 ypc and looks the part. He may emerge as the clear starter later in the season. 

Wide Receivers

Mike Evans

Week 4 Stats: 18.2 points, 5th ranked WR.

ZenSports Price: $6,400, 11th most expensive WR.

Good pick, great game. Mike Evans has been good for a while and Rob Gronkowski is no longer Gronk. Evans is a good pick from here on as Tom Brady gains steam, especially if Chris Godwin’s injury lasts longer than expected. Godwin is already out for week 5. 

Kenny Golladay 

Week 4 Stats: 12.2 points, 16th ranked WR. 

ZenSports Price: $6,000, 15th most expensive WR.

Not much to say here. The Lions offense stopped working after scoring 14 points in the first 5 minutes of the game, including a Golladay TD. They ended the half down 28-14 and lost the game. I’m a Lions fan…

Tight Ends

Hunter Henry 

Week 4 Stats: 3.9 points, 22nd ranked TE. 

ZenSports Price: $4,600, 6th most expensive TE


Not a great week of picks. Some good ones, but a tough week for the RBs. I will get better as the season progresses as I stopped watching last season after Stafford’s season ending back injury. Overall I think I outscored my prediction. 

Funnily enough I didn’t use most of these picks for last week’s ZenSports contest. I procrastinated until 12:55 or so, called an audible at the line and scored 118. On to week 5…

Week 5 Picks


Kyler Murray

ZenSports Price: $7,200, 4th QB. 

Jets are horrible and are getting worse. They are turning into the new Browns and hopefully Murray and the Cardinals blow them out Sunday afternoon. I like Murray better than the three QBs ahead of him .

Teddy Bridgewater

ZenSports Price: $5,900, 12th QB.

The Falcons have one the worst defenses in the league and will put up points. I think Bridgewater is a great budget QB play for this week. 

Running backs

Todd Gurley

ZenSports Price: $5,700, 10th RB.

Gurley seems cheap this week. He scored twice last weekend and has had 15 touches in all games this season. I know the Falcons suck but they are not having trouble scoring points. Gurley is a good pick this weekend. 

Devin Singletary

ZenSports Price: $5,900, 9th RB.

I don’t know too much about Singletary, but this week is a great situation for him. Titans can’t defend the run and the Bills could have a solid lead late in the game as Josh Allen is on fire this season. 

Wide receivers

Hunter Renfrow

ZenSport Stats: $4,900, 23rd WR

Hopefully it’s clear I am not trying to make the obvious picks – that’s no fun for anyone. Renfrow could have a big week. The Chiefs might be up big and Renfrow is a garbage time (short/mid passes) and a really good player. He scored the game-winning TD in Clemson’s 2017 National Championship game. 

Tyler Boyd

ZenSports Stats: $6,200, 12th WR

Boyd is looking to be Joe Burrows favorite target and he is a PPR machine. He is also consistent regardless – a great characteristic of a solid WR2. Boyd has upside potential too given his large target share and ability. 

Tight Ends

Eric Ebron

ZenSports Stats: $4,000, 8th TE

I actually don’t think much at all of Ebron as a player/teammate. I do think Big Ben is a great QB and the Eagles rank 30th in the league vs. TEs this year. Ebron could get a TD and a few solid catches (and drops). Solely playing Ebron due to his situation this week. 

Team Defense/Special Teams

Buffalo Bills

ZenSports Stats: $3,600, 5th D/ST

Bills should be a solid play this week. I don’t put too much thought into D/ST and tend to just take flyers for fun. I think the Bills could have a good week. Ryan Tannehill has played pretty well in Tennessee, but let’s not forget what he looked like on the Dolphins. 

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