New in ZenSports: ICX Funding, Betting, and Trading

10 / 22 / 2020 By Mark Thomas

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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of funding, betting, and trading in ICX within the ZenSports app.

What is ICX?

ICX is the native coin built on ICON’s blockchain protocol, and which can be used for real-time payments and also as a protocol for connecting the blockchain world. 

Up until now, we’ve accepted USD (both fiat and cryptocurrency versions of USD), Bitcoin, and SPORTS (which is also built on ICON’s protocol). With the addition of ICX onto our platform, our customers can now quickly deposit ICX into their accounts, wager on sports using ICX, and buy/sell/trade ICX within the ZenSports trading exchange. You can also withdraw ICX directly from your ZenSports account.

We originally partnered with ICON back in June 2018, when ICON invested in ZenSports’ Pre-Seed round. We then built and launched our SPORT security token on ICON in December 2018, and built and launched the SPORTS utility token on ICON in July 2019.

ICON has been an amazing partner to work with for the past 2 years. Their blockchain technology is second-to-none, settlement times for transactions are near-instant, and the fees are extremely low. The community is awesome, and the management team is extremely responsive and helpful whenever we have questions. We’re excited to give back to the ICON community through our launch of ICX funding, betting, and trading within ZenSports.

How Does ICX Work with ZenSports?

Using ICX within the ZenSports app is simple:

  • You are now presented with four choices when depositing funds: SPORTS, Bitcoin, USD, or ICX. When choosing ICX, you will see a temporary ICONex wallet address to send your funds to. Once ICX funds are received at that temporary wallet address, you ICX wallet account within ZenSports will automatically get credited.
  • You can then create and accept bets using ICX. All bet winnings will automatically get credited to your ICX wallet within ZenSports.
  • You can buy, sell, and trade ICX using the ICX/USDT trading pair directly within the ZenSports exchange.
  • You can withdraw funds directly in ICX, or trade them into a different currency within the ZenSports exchange.
  • Don’t forget, we always do full KYC/AML verification on ZenSports customers. 

In addition, we also recently created a cryptocurrency payments API that merchants can access in order to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from their customers. As part of this ICX launch, we are now offering ICX via our API for other merchants to accept ICX payments from their customers. USDT, BTC, and SPORTS tokens are also available via the payments API. Enterprise businesses and merchants interested in using ZenSports’ payments API can contact us directly for more information.

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