Flukkz Media Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Week

Jacob Shrader | Nov 9, 2020

Announcing ZenSports x Flukkz Media Top 5 Diabotical Plays of the Week

We are incredibly excited to announce our first content series here at ZenSports. We have partnered with Flukkz Media to create a weekly Diabotical Top 5 Plays series to be featured on their YouTube channel, with SPORTS tokens being awarded to the best clips each week. Here are the details:

How to Submit Clips

To submit your clips, head over to either the ZenSports or Flukkz Media Discord Channel. You will find channels on both servers under the “Clips” heading. Submissions must be made by Wednesday at 23:59 CET.

Episodes air each Friday, starting 9/13.


Weekly Payouts

1st: 500,000 SPORTS, 1700 Diabotical Coins

2nd: 250,000 SPORTS

3rd: 150,000 SPORTS

4th: 75,000 SPORTS

5th: 25,000 SPORTS

What are SPORTS Tokens?

SPORTS tokens are ZenSports’ proprietary cryptocurrency that can be used for anything and everything within the ZenSports app. Betting on or entering esports tournaments in SPORTS tokens offers unique rewards on the ZenSports platform like lower fees, cash-back rewards, referral bonuses, and access to special contests and promotions. Plus, SPORTS tokens provide all of the benefits of using crypto over traditional fiat currencies, such as instant transfers, super low transaction costs, and no middleman.

Additionally, you can buy, sell, and trade SPORTS tokens, or hold them as a long-term collectible item. 

How do I receive SPORTS Tokens? 

Players that enter Esports tournaments sponsored by ZenSports are eligible to earn SPORTS tokens as a prize payout (based on performance). Spectators and bettors can obtain SPORTS tokens via the ZenSports or P2PB2B trading exchanges, as well as by betting on and winning sports bets.


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