December EU Team Cup Teams, Bracket, How to Bet

12 / 17 / 2020 By Jacob Shrader

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Hey Everyone!

On Friday 12/18 at 19:00 CET we will be hosting an EU Team Cup. Due to the holidays, the event will only feature eight teams, but it should be a great time nonetheless! Like all ZenSports tournaments, the event will be open for fans to watch and place peer-to-peer bets on the matches right from within our mobile app!

How to Bet

To bet on matches, simply head to the Bets/Contest page and than scroll down to Bets/Contests. Here you will be able to bet on the first round matchups as well as who you expect to win the event! As a peer-to-peer marketplace, ZenSports lets YOU choose the odds on your bet.

As the maker of a bet, you decide how many SPORTS tokens (or BTC, ICX, and even fiat currency) you want to wager, and how much you expect to win if you bet hits. As a taker, you can simply browse available bets and accept the ones you want. Its as easy as that!

To download ZenSports and start placing bets, you can find our app on the IOS store for IOS users, or via this link (to an APK file) for Android users. We will be releasing a web application in January, so stay tuned for that!


Team 3K – Luminus, Abso, Krysa

So Close – Stao, goat, myshello

Balcony Gaming – troolzy, strngst, petska

Team 2.5z – ins, serious, silencp

kak ugodno – DancheZzor, Pavel, m19cas

Team D*Slurp – PULZ, cook, enesy

Nerd Rage – stelaggio kaosjk wisegenie_tf

Team 1imposter – kudes, dk, alsotraz

Bracket will be located on the app as well as on toornament once the event begins.

Rules and Details

Teams will play BO3 series in each matchup, with a unique map/mode pick system outlined in this blog post. All extraneous rules and details can be found in the post as well.


1st: $250 + 1.5M SPORTS

2nd: $150 + 1M SPORTS

3rd: $100 + 500K SPORTS

Upcoming Events

We will also be hosting/sponsoring the following:

GetCracked Xmas 3v3 Wipeout Bash – 12/18, 8PM EST

ZenSports NA Duel Cup – 12/19, 5PM EST – Sign up on ZenSports by heading to More -> Play!

These events will also be open for peer-to-peer betting, so stay tuned for the bracket.

Good luck and have fun!

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