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11 / 09 / 2021 By Jacob Shrader

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Hello Everyone!


Before we dive into details, ZenSports would like to thank each one of you who tuned in, participated, and especially those who donated to Child’s Play Charity during the Pigeon Classic Takeoff Cup this past weekend. 

We were blown away by the support we received from the community, evidenced by over 50 individual donors and more than $1000 raised during the tournament.

The tournament itself was fantastic, with heavy-favorites Jacekw and Byzantinist falling to Schwarzschild and Kira1995 respectively – Schwarzschild ended up defeating Kira in the Grand Finals. 

While this was a great start to the Pigeon Classic, we are not done yet! With that said, here are the next batch of NFTs we will award to those who donate to Child’s Play Charity before the end of the weekend. 


Pigeon Classic Grand Giveaway Details

By donating a minimum of $1 to the Child’s Play Charity via the InTheKeep donation link, you have entered yourself for a chance to win one of a plethora of amazing prizes. Each dollar donated counts as an individual ticket, so the more you contribute, the more likely the giveaway bot will pick you!

We will pick the winners live on our Theta channel on Sunday the 14th, with the exact time announced later in the week. ZenSports will pick winners for a non-specific prize, distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

So, what are the prizes?

We will be giving away the following items:

  1. Gold Foil Byzantine Kitty (1 Month Delegation). 
  2. Three Astral Entities Artisan Founder Sets.
  3. Five Blockchain Badlander NFTs.
  4. Five cryptomonKey monKey Packs.
  5. Five Warsaken “Black” Camos.
  6. One Sum of 500,000 SPORTS Tokens.


While these prizes are epic, they are not all ZenSports and our partners will giveaway during the Pigeon Classic. InTheKeep, the founders of the Pigeon Classic, will be giving away HUNDREDS of Steam keys for indie game titles during the events this weekend. 

In addition, there will likely be EVEN MORE prizes added to the giveaway, so stay tuned on Twitter and Discord for those announcements. 


Gold Foil Byzantine Kitty (1 Month Delegation). 

Byz is one of, if not the best summoner in all of Splinterlands. She is quick like a cat, and her powers cause her monsters’ attacks never to miss. ZenSports was lucky enough to buy this card, courtesy of Clove71’s advice before Splinterlands became the hit blockchain title it is today. 

A month-long delegation means that you will be able to battle in the Splinterlands with Byz, earn some sweet DEC with Byz, and potentially crush your leaderboard with her. Not bad! 


Three Astral Entities Artisan Founder Sets.

HellaRadGames is the force behind Astral Entities, a series of NFTs on the WAX blockchain, usable across all games on the HellaRadGames network.

Think of it like taking your favorite Magic the Gathering cards, but having them work across multiple games, all set within the same lore.

The Founders Artisan Sets contain 111 gold foiled NFTs that will be usable in all HRG Network games. Also included is a Prismatic Foundling, a tiny but powerful dragon that will ring some special effects in the future.

Blyx is checking his lists and making sure everything is in order… Astral Entities and Taergyn – Coming Soon

Three Blockchain Badlander NFTs.

Blockchain Badlands aims to catapult NFTs and gaming into an unimaginable future, the likes of which have never been seen before. The mission with Blockchain Badlands is three-fold:

1. Create an engaging gaming community with cash prizes for gaming tournaments and awards for skill improvement.

2. Assemble a community-sourced eSports team from our NFT-holders to represent Blockchain Badlands in professional gaming tournaments.

3. Connect casual gamers to build a network of friends for badlander NFT-holders.

Check out their Badlander NFT collection and their Discord!


Five CryptomonKey monKey Packs.

CryptomonKeys are freely-distributed digital trading cards minted as NFTs on the WAX blockchain. The vision behind cryptomonKeys is to create a collectible digital trading card series the founders would like to collect: Clear-cut cards with detailed artwork, no shenanigans but instead defined rarity and collection concept paired with constant output.

The focus is on building a fun community within an educational and welcoming atmosphere. CryptomonKey packs include two random NFT assets from their collection!

Check out their Discord and pack Collection!

A quick look at the awesome art and illustration involved in the CryptomoKey collection

Five Warsaken “Black” Camos.

Warsaken is a military-themed trading card game coming to WAX in 2021 and tabletops in 2022. The game has been in development and in play testing for over 2 years. The initial pack sale is December 15. Warsaken is Play to Earn and Free to Play. The team drops 550 free NFTs in our Discord every day.

Find out more at Warsaken.com and see our card collection while you are at it!


One Sum of 500,000 SPORTS Tokens.

Good ole’ SPORTS Utility Tokens! SPORTS Tokens are ZenSports’ crypto utility tokens. You can use SPORTS Tokens to bet on any leagues we offer, including the NFL, NBA, Esports, and 30+ professional soccer leagues! 


How To Enter

To enter the giveaway, you must donate $1 or more to the Child’s Play Charity via this link. Keep in mind that each dollar donated counts as one entry, so your chances of winning go up with each dollar sent!

By using the link provided, we will be able to track each donation and the username/email provided. This data will power our selection process, which will take place on Sunday the 14th on our Theta channel

ZenSports will still enter any donations made before this announcement into the giveaway. 


How to Claim

Once we have selected the giveaway winners, victors must send email proof of their donation to ZenSports. You can best do this by contacting kanyeshrayz(Jacob)#1980 on our Discord server

You can also claim your prize by messaging us on TwitterTelegram, or through customer support!


Pigeon Classic Events

Before giveaway conculdes, we will be hosting an epic slew of esports tournaments on our mobile app this weekend. InTheKeep, the founders of the Pigeon Classic, will be hosting Warfark and Doom events within their community and hosted on our Theta Channel. 

ZenSports will be hosting our first-ever Chess tournament on Sunday, using the open-source chess engine Lichess. If you want to register or learn more about that event, you can check that out here!

We will also be hosting a Xonotic Duel Cup on Saturday. Check out this EPIC highlight video from our Xonotic Summer Bash

For the full schedule of events, head to the InTheKeep schedule!

Thanks for reading, and see you this weekend!


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