Blast Premier Finals Mid-Tournament Recap

06 / 17 / 2020 By Mark Saldana

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In our last blog post, we recapped the Blast Premier Showdown, which decided the final four teams that would move onto the Blast Premier Finals. The finals are here, and teams played the first matches in the European bracket earlier this week on June 15th. We mentioned that ENCE, a team that looked to be gaining steam after their victory over Mad Lions, was poised for a big showing in the finals. That prediction turned out to be wrong.


Faze Clan had their own opinion of how ENCE would perform in the Finals, as the two teams faced off in their first games of the event. The match was close for the first two rounds, with each team winning a map by three or fewer rounds. The final map was a different story, however, as Faze took fifteen straight rounds from ENCE after dropping five of the first six. This knocked ENCE down to the lower bracket, making their path to the Grand Finals match much more difficult.

Competitors played three matches during a day of competition in the European bracket. Team Vitality, Faze Clan, and Natus Vincere have advanced to the next round of the upper bracket, while G2, NiP, and ENCE have been sent to the lower bracket. Here is how the European bracket looks after a day of competition:



The bracket hosts only four teams, with Team Liquid securing a spot via regular season play and Furia, MIBR, and Evil Geniuses qualifying through the Blast Premier Showdown. Here is the American Bracket before the next set of matches:


Watching the Finals and ZenSports Twitch Channel

Here at ZenSports, we believe the recent influx of attention to esports and esports betting is here to stay, so we decided to launch our own Twitch Channel and plan to roll out our own coverage of esports events starting soon!

In the meantime, we’ll be broadcasting smaller-scale esports tournaments and events to introduce ZenSports bettors to esports. In these broadcasts, members of our team will either be participating in or commentating over esports events, with an emphasis on helping you learn about esports and how you might bet on them. Head over to Twitch to check out the ZenSports channel.

If you have any requests on specific games or questions about bets, you can simply just head over to our stream and ask away – we’d love to hear your requests!

In the near future, we’ll share our live streaming schedule, so be sure to be on the lookout for an announcement regarding our Twitch schedule for the remainder of June.

As for the Blast Premier Finals, you can watch live events on the Blast Premier Twitch channel and place your bets on ZenSports for iOS or Android. Happy Betting!

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