ZenSports Announces New Esports Titles

Mark Saldana | Jul 29, 2020

With North American sports leagues finally starting to return, sports bettors have been heavily turning to eSports the past few months to fill the betting void. Back in April, we at ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports-betting marketplace, launched eSports betting within our platform, including the two major titles League of Legends and Counter-Strike:GO.

Today, we’re announcing even more for eSports bettors and enthusiasts! We’ve added four new popular eSports game titles for betting within our app:

  • FIFA 
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • Rainbow 6 Siege

Adding these new eSports titles will allow sports bettors to bet on all of the organized leagues and tournaments that fall under these four game titles, just like bettors can currently do within ZenSports for League of Legends and CS:GO.

“Given the high interest level of betting on League of Legends and CS:GO by ZenSports customers the past few months, and the rising demand of eSports betting in general, it makes sense to continue to add more eSports titles for betting within our app”, said Thomas. “We believe that eSports betting is the fastest growing segment within the sports betting industry, and we’re excited to continue helping the sport grow.”

Anyone interested in betting on eSports, or in betting on sports in general in a peer-to-peer way can download the ZenSports app, which is available in both the App Store (iOS) and the ZenSports website (Android).

Press Inquiries

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You may also view our ZenSports Media Kit.

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