How does ZenSports work?

ZenSports has built an amazing mobile sports app that makes it easy for you to find and schedule matches with other individual players and teams near you, as well as find, register, and pay for leagues and tournaments. Whether you're looking to play a serious match with your best friend or a practice match with someone new, ZenSports has got you covered. You can also use ZenSports to create groups of like-minded players to discuss sports topics and host sporting events.

ZenSports lets you live stream from your matches to show your friends and the world all of the winning that you're doing. You can also follow along live with your friends' videos, too. ZenSports keeps track of all of your match play results, stats, and rankings. Plus, others can see your scores and match play results in real time as they're happening.

In addition to using ZenSports for individual and team matches, our app is also great for managing leagues and tournaments. With ZenSports, players can easily pay for dues and entry fees with their credit card right from their phone. As a league/tournament director, you can manage the registration process, brackets, match play results, stats, standings, prize money, and rankings right from the app.

Which sports and locations does ZenSports currently serve?

Any and all sports and locations! We have players from all over the country that have signed up to use ZenSports. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find players near you that play in the sports that you care about. And if you’re looking for leagues/tournaments, we have those from all locations as well.

How do Groups work?

Groups are a collection of like-minded players for one specific sport, whereby you can discuss topics around your sport, share photos, videos, advice, etc. You can also schedule events for your group. For example, you might want to create a Miami softball group for beginning players. From there, you can share tips on how to improve your game, schedule a charity softball tournament, etc.

As the group organizer, you’ll have the ability to invite anyone that you’re mutually following into the group. Currently, any player within ZenSports can join your group without your permission. We’re looking to add a feature soon that will let you choose to allow everyone in, or approve each single player who requests to join.

Are there any restrictions on videos that I can post?

In connection with our Terms of Service, we do not allow videos containing nudity, violence, etc. We also ask that you keep all videos sports-related, and related to matches and competitions that you are either participating in or know someone that is participating in. Also, be mindful of existing copyright restrictions that you might be violating. In other words, no recording Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

We reserve the right to take any video down that we deem to be inappropriate or that violates existing copyright restrictions. Other than that, there aren’t any restrictions as to what kinds of videos or how many videos you can post and share.

Why do I need to sign up with my Facebook account in order to use ZenSports?

We require connecting your Facebook account in order to use ZenSports for a couple of reasons. First, it significantly speeds up the signup process. If we didn’t ask you to connect to Facebook, we would need for you to upload a separate photo, re-type in your name, location, etc. We want to get you in and using ZenSports as quickly as possible.

Secondly, we’re a social network and social networks are more fun when your friends are involved and you can easily follow them, share with them, etc. Since all of your friends are already on Facebook, it just makes sense.

What’s the difference between requesting to “play” someone and sending him/her a message?

When you request to play someone (that is available) through the app, our system automatically sends that person a notification, letting him/her know that you want to play. That person then has the ability to accept or deny that request. Anyone that hasn’t been blocked has the ability to request to anyone else (assuming the other player is listed as available).

Messaging actually involves directly sending a message to that person, with the recipient receiving both an email and in-product message from you. The recipient can then view, reply back, have a conversation, etc. with you. Only two people that are mutually following each other can message each other. If you’re on the same team as someone within the app, you’ll also be able to message that person. If you want to stop receiving messages from someone, simply unfollow them.

What does ZenSports cost for players?

Absolutely nothing, other than the cost of any normal league or tournament entry fees that you register and pay for. As a player, you can register and pay for leagues and tournaments in advance with your credit card directly within the ZenSports mobile app. No more having to carry cash or deal with payments the day of the league/tournament. Also, by pre-paying in advance for a league or tournament with your credit card, you’re guaranteed a spot to play! Just be sure that you still show up at the scheduled start time, otherwise your spot may be given away to another player, and ZenSports does not provide refunds under any circumstances.

What does ZenSports cost for league and tournament directors?

ZenSports will charge you 6% of the total league dues or tournament entry fees that are marked as paid (whether those are paid by cash or credit card). ZenSports will automatically deduct this 6% fee prior to transferring player payments to your bank account via ACH, or will charge your credit card on file if you don’t have sufficient player payments coming to you.

I’m a director running a league/tournament using ZenSports. How long does it take ZenSports to transfer player credit card payments to my bank account?

For all payments received by ZenSports from players for your leagues or tournaments, ZenSports will hold such payments for up to 1 business day after the date of the league or tournament before transferring those funds via ACH to your bank account. Because payments made directly to ZenSports via credit card by players will not get to your bank account by the day of the league or tournament, you are required to still have sufficient funds on hand to pay all necessary prize payouts to players.

The reason for waiting 1 day after the league/tournament is over before transferring payments is to prevent fraudulent/fake tournaments or leagues from being set up, collecting the dues/entry fees in advance, and then running off with the payments before fulfilling your duties of actually hosting the league/tournament. Once you show a steady history for at least 3 months of hosting leagues/tournaments without problems, we can then set you up to receive transfers as soon as players pay us their entry fees/dues.

Do I have to accept credit card payments as a league/tournament director?

Yes, there isn’t currently a way to turn off credit card payments within ZenSports. Players are required to pay ZenSports directly via credit card for the cost of the dues or entry fees when registering in advance for your leagues or tournaments. Players also have the right to pay ZenSports directly via credit card for the cost of the dues or entry fees when registering on the day of your league or tournament.

You can also give Players the option to pay you directly via cash on the day of the league or tournament only (not in advance). You may refuse to accept cash payments if you so choose, and can require that Players pay ZenSports directly via credit card for the cost of the dues or entry fees when registering on the day of your league or tournament.

What’s the difference between a ZenSports hosted league/tournament and a league/tournament run by someone else?

In addition to directors from all over the world creating their own leagues and tournaments within ZenSports, we also host and run our own leagues and tournaments from time to time.

ZenSports’ tournaments always pay out at least 80% of entry fees back to players in prize money. We also host both prize money and non-prize money leagues, depending on the type of competition that you’re looking for. Transparency and fairness are our goals, and you’ll get both when you play in a ZenSports league or tournament.

All ZenSports hosted leagues/tournaments will have the ZenSports logo next to the league/tournament name when searching in the mobile app to help you easily distinguish which leagues/tournaments are our’s.

What kind of technical support for your app do you provide to players and directors?

Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service that you’ve ever experienced. We want to be here for you whenever you need it and help in any way that we can. That means we provide 24x7 chat and email support. Just chat with us in the lower-right corner of our site or email us at anytime you need help. We also offer phone support from 9:30am-6:30pm Pacific time. You can give us a call at 888-688-SPORTS.

I’m a vendor that sells sporting equipment, clothing, etc. to athletes. Do you offer any advertising opportunities to help drive new sales for me?

Totally. We can get your product in front of thousands of the right players and athletes. We’ll design an advertising plan that fits your budget and your target revenue numbers. To find out what advertising opportunities are available, chat with us in the lower-right corner of our site, email us at, or call us at 888-688-SPORTS.