Find new people to play sports with

You love playing tennis, golf, basketball, etc., but it's impossible to find others to play with, right? Well ZenSports makes it easy to find and schedule matches with other individual players and teams near you, as well as find, register, and pay for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, or social sporting events. Whether you're looking to play a serious match with your best friend or a practice match with someone new, ZenSports has got you covered.


Live stream your matches and showcase your talents to the world

Posting the scores of your matches on Facebook is so 2012. Instead, actually show everyone your match live, as it's happening in real-time. ZenSports lets you live stream from your matches to show your friends and the world all of the winning that you're doing. Become the celebrity sports star you've always dreamed of. And follow along live with your friends' videos, too.


Finally a social network dedicated 100% to amateur and recreational sports

Tired of your sports posts getting lost among the cat videos and trips to Italy on Facebook and Twitter? Use ZenSports instead to share your photos, videos, stories, etc., as well as send instant messages to teammates and your friends. We're focused 100% on amateur and recreational sports, so it's all about the sports that you and your friends play. Nothing else. Finally.


ZenSports is also perfect for leagues, tournaments, pickup games, and social sporting events

In addition to using ZenSports for individual and team matches, our app is also great for managing leagues, tournaments, pickup games, and social sporting events. Players can easily pay for dues and entry fees with their credit card right from their phone. You can also manage the registration process, brackets, match play results, stats, standings, and prize money right from the app. No more paper brackets or having to manually keep track of stats and standings. Recruit more players and streamline your competitions!

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